While the headlines during the start of 2018 have been dominated by Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump has apparently also been busy. After sending out a tweet about her upcoming plans in the new year, Melania came under fire from critics.

Melania on 2018

It's been a wild ride in the world of politics to start 2018 with Donald Trump being at the center of nearly all the drama and controversy. From the release of "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" by author Michael Flynn, to the continuation of the Russian investigation, to the president's recent comments about several foreign countries being a "sh*thole," the former host of "The Apprentice" has been playing defense in response the overwhelmingly bad press.

In an attempt to deflect from the negative headlines, the White House have done their best to shift the focus to a more positive message, including from Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway, in addition to Trump's laundry list of tweets. While the president is known for his reckless behavior on social media, Melania Trump has taken a different approach, which was seen during a tweet on January 12.

Taking to her Twitter feed on Friday, Melania Trump posted her plans for 2018 which include a lot of meetings and work to get done.

"It was a productive week with meetings, meetings & more meetings!" Melania tweeted out. "Lots of work to be done in 2018," Melania went on to write, before adding, "looking forward to the year ahead as FLOTUS!"

Instant reaction

Not long after Melania Trump sent out her tweet, those who oppose the current administration decided to hit back.

"Are you still doing Bachelor parties?" one tweet mockingly read.

"Your husband's a filthy racist.

Have a nice weekend," one Twitter user wrote in reference to Donald Trump's recent controversial remarks. "Seriously!!!! I mean, seriously, that's what you gleaned from this week?" another tweet asked with anger. "Hey Melania, any comment on your husband's affair with Stormy Daniels? Or is it just another day w/the Donald?" a tweet wondered.

"Just read the latest news.

Get the hell out while you still have some dignity," a follow-up tweet suggested. "Seemed like a STORMY week to me. Going to need some jack DANIELS. (reply with HELP ME if you need bailing out)" an additional tweet added in reference to recent reporters of the president's past infidelities. The backlash continued as the opposition to the entire administration kicked into high gear.