"The Bold and The Beautiful" fan favorite Karla Mosley will soon be off-screen for a while, according to CBS Soaps In Depth. The entire cast of the daytime drama is on summer vacation, but when the others return Mosley will go on maternity leave. Her character Maya Avant Forrester has not been a part of any front burner storylines for a while but has been seen more at the Forrester offices in recent weeks. She has been sparring with Hope, who removed her as a model from the upcoming fashion show, mentoring her cousin Xander, and keeping an eye on Emma Barber, who she suspects may be a spy for Justin and Dollar Bill.

Maya has been on the 'B&B' back burner

Maya and her spouse have been on the back burner for quite a while now on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Jacob Young, who portrays her husband Rick, is now on recurring status and pursuing other opportunities. The last time the couple was seen together in a significant manner was during the family Christmas party last December. When Eric was playing "Silent Night" on his piano, both Rick and his father-in-law Julius each sang solo. Since then, Maya has only been on screen sporadically, in the background at Forrester Creations.

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Maya's absence may be explained by having her quit her job because of the feud with her employer.

Maya recently fired Emma because she thought she was spying for her uncle Justin Barber and his boss Dollar Bill Spencer. In front of the Hope for the Future team, Hope Logan embarrassed Ms. Avant Forrester by telling her she had no authority to fire anyone. In Thursday's "B&B" episode, Maya complained to Liam and Thorne that although she is the lead model, Hope refused to allow her to participate in the upcoming fashion show.

Karla Mosley's character may be written out of 'B&B'

Celeb Dirty Laundry also suggests that Maya could take a leave of absence and visit her sister Nicole and brother-in-law Zende in Paris. It's also possible that "B&B" could write Rick and his wife out of the show by having them run the Paris office as they did with Thorne in the past.

Fans of Karla Mosley should also keep in mind that without Jacob Young on the show, Ms. Avant/Forrester has no significant role on the daytime drama.

If indeed Karla Mosley does return after her maternity leave, it will eventually become awkward for "B&B" to be showcasing Maya without Rick, especially since he is a Forrester by blood. This daytime drama has a track record of characters disappearing without explanation. This was the case recently with Shirley, Saul, Darlita, R.J., and Coco. Soaps in Depth and CDL say Mosley gave her status update on Instagram, so her fans can keep up with her there, and find out for sure what is coming next.