Over the last year, First Lady Melania Trump has spoken about tackling the issue of cyberbullying in the United States and around the world. After taking her first steps to do so earlier this month, Melania is now facing criticism after her latest social media post on the issue.

Melania on cyberbullying

When Melania Trump announced that her top initiate as first lady would be to combat the rise of cyberbullying, critics of the administration quickly pushed back, mostly due to Donald Trump's behavior on social media.

From the start of his campaign for president back in June 2015, Trump used social media to lash out at his critics, often using controversial language in the process. With the president being known for his reckless behavior on Twitter, Melania's anti-cyberbullying campaign has been labeled hypocritical by many in the Democratic Party.

Earlier this month, Melania Trump met with top executives from various social media companies, including YouTube, Google, Amazon, and Twitter. In an attempt to continue her promotion of the cause, Melania sent out a tweet on March 27. "Enjoyed meeting with leading social media and technology representatives last week," Melania tweeted out. "Together, I know we can make a difference for children!" she concluded.

As expected, those who oppose the current administration wasted no time responding to the first lady.

Twitter backlash

Following Melania Trump's tweet on cyberbullying, the negative reaction quickly came pouring in. "You should start with your husband’s social media behavior!" Khary Penebaker tweeted out.

"Divorce Cyber Bully in Chief and we might listen to you.

Otherwise, just shut up please," a Twitter user wrote. "Never have children had to hear 'pu**y grabber,' 'P*rn star Stormy Daniels' and 'Sh*thole' said so often as under the reign of your cheating husband. Leave him," comedian Kristina Wong posted. "Getting your husband off Twitter would be a great start," yet another tweet added.

"This goal of yours; shouldn’t your husband lead by example? Or, is this really an SNL promo? Can u say, oxymoron? Of all areas to choose for u to make a difference.

Omg. C'mon," a social media user wrote. "Maybe you should try doing that with your bully of a husband first then maybe you'll be believable," a follow-up tweet stated. "Just so useless when you’re own puerile husband is the most visible cyber bully in the world. Sets a fine example indeed and makes your efforts completely worthless," a Twitter user wrote.