On "The Bold and the Beautiful" there has been tension between the Avante and Forrester families, ever since Nicole pondered keeping Lizzy for herself. Although she signed the papers giving her sister and Brother In Law full custody, Maya has been jealous of the bond between her sibling and her daughter. Now she is making sure that Zende and his wife will be far away from them in Paris.

Maya has ulterior motives regarding Nicole

When Rick and Maya were in Paris for an extended period of time, Nicole helped look out for the little girl that she gave birth to.

The bond between mother and daughter was so strong, that Nicole became angry with her sister for not returning quickly to LA. When Carter announced that the final adoption papers had never been signed, she told Zende she was considering keeping Lizzy and raising her. Eventually, Nicole did the right thing and allowed her sister and brother in law to raise the child she gave birth to for them.

Things never did get back to normal, and there has been an underlying tension between the Avante sisters. Maya noticed that the bond between her sister and her daughter is strong and she has been concerned. Last week on "The Bold and the Beautiful," a solution that benefited everyone seemed to present itself.

After hearing her proposal, Rick agreed with his wife that they should present the offer to Zende and Nicole.

Zende's future as a designer is heating up

After Thomas left "Forrester Creations" to work for "Spectra Fashions," Zende was given the opportunity to show his skills as a designer. He came through, and his work was a success during the fashion show in Monte Carlo.

He had been wanting to prove himself a true Forrester and was waiting for such a chance. On Friday Rick and Maya suggested to Ridge, that her sister and brother be allowed to work in the Paris division of Forrester. The three of them presented the idea to Zende and Nicole who initially were skeptical.

Maya's sister asked her point blank if she were trying to get her away from Lizzy, but the answer was no.

Rick and the viewers realize, however, that the child indeed is the major reason for the suggestion. Zende is excited that his family trusts him to design for the over seas division of the company, Nicole and her parents are not so sure. Maya convinces her sister that this decision is all about a great career move and eventually Nicole agrees. So it looks like she and her spouse are Paris bound.