Fans of Jacob Young of “The Bold and the Beautiful” will be disappointed to hear that “B&B” has decided to drop him to a recurring role. The actor, who plays Rick Forrester, confirmed the news via his Twitter page, but it looks like there may be good news within this status change as well.

Young in the soap world for decades now

Jacob Young has been playing the role of Rick Forrester on “Bold and Beautiful” on and off since 1997. He also was on “All My Children” for quite a few years as JR Chandler and he played Lucky Spencer on “General Hospital” for a couple of years as well.

While Young is off contract now on “B&B,” that doesn't mean that Rick will be entirely gone.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” viewers know that the show hasn't utilized Young all that much in recent months. Rick and Maya have been on the sidelines for some time now, and while fans can easily think of ways to get Rick back into the mix of things with Forrester Creations, the focus has been elsewhere for the most part.

Jacob Young is anxious to tackle new projects

While it's disappointing for Jacob's fans to see confirmation that his character will likely remain on the sidelines for the foreseeable future, Young says that he's looking at it as a blessing. The “Bold and Beautiful” actor says that he's starting work on a Lifetime movie right now and he sees this change in status on "B&B as a chance to pursue all of his passions.

Young has been working under contract for various soap operas for more than two decades now, but he is also passionate about music and it seems likely that he'll work on developing new projects on that front now.

Jacob has also done some other television projects over the years and many would bet his schedule will be packed in short order as he becomes increasingly available.

In talking with Soap Opera Digest, Young noted that “The Bold and the Beautiful” does still have him working as Rick. Fans hope that the writers will put together something juicy for Jacob again soon, as there is always chaos playing out within the Forrester family and business.

What would you like to see the writers put together in terms of a storyline for Rick Forrester that Young could sink his teeth into again on "The Bold and the Beautiful?" Stay tuned for news on fresh projects that Jacob Young tackles in the months ahead now that his schedule is more flexible and be sure to check out his upcoming Lifetime movie and any music projects that are surely in the works.