Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's 2018 together is off and running, however, it looks as though the two young love birds could be in for a Troublesome year together. Selena and Justin are back at it, spending virtually just about every moment together despite some of their friends and family attempting to put a stop to it -- especially Selena's mom.

Selena Gomez tells mom to just deal with her relationship with Justin

It is no secret that Selena's mom would prefer that her daughter and Justin Bieber go their separate ways again. In fact, her opinion on Selena's current love life status has been placing a major strain on the mother and daughter.

But it now looks as though Selena's mom has decided to just deal with her daughter's choice of boyfriends. According to Radar Online Selena's mom is being forced to just accept things as they are.

Will Justin and Selena self-destruct?

One source close to the Gomez family told Radar Online that Selena's mother "knows that it is a battle she cannot win." The turmoil even sent Mandy Teefey (Selena's mom) to the hospital last month following a particularly nasty argument between the two. It has come down to one thing, accept her daughter's feelings about Justin Bieber, or risk losing Selena altogether, the insider claimed. Bieb's has reportedly been trying everything under the sun to prove to Teefey that he is a changed man.

However, Teefey and a few other family members and close pals are skeptical. But, they are just going to have to accept things as they are according to Jelena. It is the norm for Momma Gomez to be especially protective of Selena after all she has been through in the past, and most recently, her health issues and kidney transplant.

But, the Gomez family is not the only one who believes that Justin and Selena are going to endure some major struggles throughout 2018. As previously reported, celebrity psychic Nikki's 2018 predictions included some very disturbing predictions for the young couple.

She predicts that there will be serious health-related issues involving both Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in 2018.

She feels that they are drug-related. So this is not good news. Nikki also predicts that a popular celebrity couple will overdose together this year but did not directly name Justin and Selena. In the past Justin and Selena were dubbed by some as the next Kurt and Courtney, though many hope that that will not be the case.

Hopefully Psychic Nikki is off this year and this will not be one of the many predictions she accurately predicts for 2018. What are your thoughts on the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez reunion? Are they a danger to each other, or will things work out for them this time?