Axes, skulls, and seriously chic goth style describes some of the the sights viewers are presented with upon tuning into an episode of “The Last Doorway” show, a horror-themed series hosted by a frightfully good hostess of horror known as “Miss Misery.” The Queen of Horror is Sisi occasionally known by her given name, Reyna Young, and she had spent years dedicating herself to producing and promoting horror-related content.

Reyna—aka Miss Misery—has produced a number of comic books that explore the exploits of her wickedly amusing alter ego. From her dwelling in the Bay area of San Francisco, Reyna hosts interviews with horror creators, screenings of horror films, and newsworthy notes about the latest trends in all things spooky.

Miss Misery is always happy to discuss all things absolutely horrific, creepy, disturbing, and/or unsettling and her website encourages any artists who are interested in being featured to reach out.

When not discussing the latest trends in terror, Miss Misery can be found hosting another program called “Movie Massacre”) which celebrates the best—and worst—of horror films. Most of her content can be found on YouTube and she maintains a robust following on social media.

Moreover, masquerading as her Miss Misery persona, Reyna has organized numerous freakishly fun events in the San Francisco and Sacramento areas such as film festivals, shadow casts, and even a zombie prom. The annual “A Nightmare to Remember International Horror Film Festival” is held each June and had amassed quite a fan following.

Recently, Miss Misery was nailed down long enough to grant an exclusive interview where she discussed her inspirations for comic books, her education to promoting fellow horror contributors and fanatics, and her partnerships with other ghoulishly great characters.

Comic books, television, and entertainment

Meagan Meehan (MM): When did you first get into horror and how did you discover the persona of your alter ego, Miss Misery?

Reyna Young (RY): I have been into horror since I was a young child, reading horror books and watching horror films. My love for it will never end, I love to be scared. I snuck into my father’s VHS collection and watched John Carpenter’s “Halloween,” that’s where it all started. But before that I would watch Saturday nights “Tales from the Darkside” and “Monsters.” I also loved to read horror themed books, especially Edgar Allan Poe.

Miss Misery was created about eleven years ago, I decided to get my foot into the door in the horror industry by interviewing Celebrities and indie artists, I created Miss Misery and started going to conventions. From there my show “The Last Doorway” began to grow and grow. It took on a life of its own and I have been Miss Misery ever since.

MM: You’ve worked as an actress and a model, so how did you break into the entertainment industry and how did you secure your own shows?

RY: When I was younger I did modeling for kid’s clothes, commercials and was heavily into taking acting classes. Then I took some time off as I got older, I wanted to focus more on acting. It wasn’t until I hit college I became interested in directing.

I was acting in Indie films that never finished so decided one day to write and direct my own, I became obsessed. I now have my fourth film hitting distribution and my fifth film hitting festivals soon.

While at a convention years ago I was approached by someone who ran their own station in Hayward out of Chabot College. That’s when I was asked to have a show on his station and thus I created “Miss Misery’s Movie Massacre,” where I host late night horror films. From there I am now on different channels, Roku and overseas. It’s been a whirlwind, never thought I would be doing my own show for television. It’s been fun!

MM: You are very keen on interviewing artists and showing original horror films, so how do you find your guests and is there any fee associated with your coverage?

RY: No fee. I find people by meeting people at conventions and mixers, friends will tell me about someone I should interview and I do. I love to showcase short films by up and coming indie artists, giving them that outlet I believe really helps someone get there name out there.

MM: You are also a comic book writer yourself, so how do you come up with all your ideas and do you have a favorite story?

RY: By the people around me, I have a very dark imagination. I am always daydreaming and writing and coming up with stories in my head, sometimes to the point where I give myself a headache. A favorite story? Hmmmmmmm. I don’t think I have a favorite; they’re all my babies.

MM: How did you get your comics illustrated, published, and distributed?

RY: Through Scattered Comics out of Sacramento California. I work a lot with Jason Dube, the owner in bringing my nightmares to life. He’s amazing to work with, I couldn’t ask for a better person to help and guide me through the process each time. From picking out my artists to approving each page, Jason is so much fun to work with. I love comic books so to have my own has really meant something to me.

MM: What are the challenges of producing television episodes so regularly? For instance, how does Miss Misery ensure that her staff stays under control?

RY: We film about ten episodes in one day, my husband John Gillette and I edit them all. I have a great staff actually; they are amazing and helpful and love doing what I do.

I have been very blessed with the people in my life so far. It can be challenging to keep up with all my projects and the show but I seem to manage somehow. I always make myself a list and delegate throughout the day.

Events, projects, and goals

MM: You also plan and host events like zombie proms and an annual film festival, so what can attendees expect to experience during such occasions?

RY: I haven’t done events in a while, and I do miss them but my time just filled up. I did a film festival every year for six years. A nightmare to remember, a three-hour event with short films by indie film makers, I also had where the first ten in line received a blood bag filled with horror goodies, guests and prizes to the top three short films, they would get a coffin award, so much fun!

I threw a bunch of Zombie proms too, with vendors, costume contest, a photographer on site to get your picture taken, and so much fun. I have not done these events again in a while but they were such a blast. I may have to bring one back one of these days.

MM: Who are some of the other connoisseurs of horror who you have partnered with and how are these collaborations beneficial?

RY: I welcome all to work with; I have worked with tons of celebrities and indie film makers to help spread the word about their projects. It’s always good to help one another, everyone’s going for the same goal and we should all help each other out.

MM: What new projects are you currently working on and what are your biggest goals for the overall future?

RY: I am currently working on editing my fifth feature film, about to start filming season six of my television show and working on my next book for my young adult series called “Monsters” published through Black Bedsheet Books. I am also working on my first novel.

I hope everyone will Google “Last Doorway Productions” and check out my website. Also, shout out to my awesome husband, John Gillette, for all he does for our company, from camera, to editing, he is my rock, I love him so much! We just had a baby boy, Logan and cannot wait to get him into some Movies!