It was revealed, days ago, that former "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom" OG star Farrah Abraham had signed on with a professional Wrestling company. Now, as Abraham is making the rounds in media appearances or interviews, she is naming potential wrestling stars she'd work with. So far, she's only mentioned women (and a few men) from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). However, she named several WWE superstars who have been involved in reality television. They include several "Total Divas" or "Total Bellas" stars. Meanwhile, another "Total Divas" and WWE women's star is going at Abraham on Twitter, in a subtle way.

Abraham wants Bliss, Bella Twins

Recently, Farrah Abraham signed on with the World Class Revolution Pro Wrestling company based in Oklahoma. The organization doesn't have any current affiliation with WWE. However, TMZ caught up with the "Teen Mom" star in L.A. and mentioned her foray into professional wrestling. They asked her which WWE stars she'd want to work with if she could.

After thinking it over for a bit, Abraham quickly said Alexa Bliss and The Bella Twins, adding she feels those ladies are amazing. She went on to say her all-time favorites are Hulk Hogan and "Cold Stone Steve Austin." Unfortunately, she got the latter of those WWE legends' names wrong and may have had ice cream on her mind.

The TMZ interviewer asked Farrah Abraham if she'd face Ronda Rousey. Abraham was quick to say she'd love to work with Ronda, but wisely mentioned she was sure "She'd kick my a--."

Abraham was also called out already by WWE women's star Paige, in a roundabout way. "Total Divas" and "SmackDown Live" star Paige tweeted a reply of "Oh dear" to Abraham's tweet about being a "future wrestling champion." She tweeted once again in reply to Abraham's TMZ Sports interview.

As seen above, Paige isn't taking Abraham too seriously, but the "Total Divas" star is certainly playing into the whole reality television baiting that TV celebs do. Perhaps this will be the bridge that Abraham needs to get something going with the WWE.

WWE opportunities?

WWE is certainly no stranger to bringing other reality TV stars into their programming. The company has featured Kim Kardashian as a celebrity guest for a past event. WWE also allowed Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, from "Jersey Shore," to step into the ring for a match. However, the company has also been sour on adding one of their former stars, Joanie "Chyna" Laurer, into their WWE Hall of Fame. She was involved in the adult film industry after her days with WWE, and that's what Abraham also was involved in.

Abraham mentioned that she doesn't believe "gender" should be a big deal, which is why she would throw down with Hulkster or Stone Cold. WWE doesn't seem too keen on those sorts of matches in their newer era of "family friendly" wrestling.

There has been one male superstar, James Ellsworth, involved in a few matches with women's stars, though. It wouldn't be surprising to see Ellsworth cross paths with Farrah Abraham, but that may happen outside of WWE for another company.

According to Farrah Abraham, during their interview, she isn't too sure what she's doing yet. She said she guesses that "people want to wrestle me." It's possible if she succeeds with the Oklahoma pro wrestling company, she could eventually make enough connections to get to WWE. However, it seems they have other priorities and would prefer their women's wrestlers to have better-trained opponents.

For now, Farrah Abraham will need to focus on potential jail time for her Beverly Hills Hotel incident, as well as becoming properly trained so she's safe to work within a wrestling ring. Until then, talking trash to the women and men who do this for a living probably won't be taken too seriously.