Last month, reality television star Farrah Abraham went berserk while inside a Beverly Hills hotel. Now prosecutors have officially filed charges against the "Teen Mom OG" and "16 & Pregnant" star. She'll face two charges and the potential for somewhat lengthy jail time if convicted.

Farrah Abraham's charges

According to TMZ, Farrah Abraha, who has signed a contract with a wrestling company, was arrested just last month for striking a hotel security guard inside the Beverly Hills Hotel after they'd asked her to leave the hotel premises. Abraham also cussed out the cops that had arrived on the scene.

Abraham yelled "Go f--k yourself" at officers before she was arrested and seen crying in the back of the police car.

Now, Los Angeles County prosecutors have filed the official charges. Those misdemeanor charges are battery and resisting an officer. Abraham could face over a year in jail too. If she is convicted on these charges, the sentence carries up to 18 months in jail as the punishment.

Abraham hasn't seemed to say much about the charges or legal situation yet. She was busy posting a workout video on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, which shows her creative way to play poker and get fit all at once.

While Abraham claims she is working on a screenplay and other entrepreneurial endeavors, the former "Teen Mom" star may have to change things up if she goes to prison.

Future reality TV possibilities?

The news of these charges arrives just a few days after news arrived that Abraham is joining a professional wrestling company.

She will be working with World Class Revolution Pro Wrestling out of Oklahoma. It's unknown what role she has in that, but she seems to have the ability to fight and yell which could come in handy. Farrah Abraham has also worked in the adult movie industry and that resulted in the "Teen Mom" show firing her. She doesn't appear to be hurting for work at the moment.

However, there are a few reality TV shows out there that Abraham can consider, especially if she has to do time. One of them is "Born Behind Bars." The new A&E series puts the spotlight on a few female inmates who are raising their babies while inside the Indiana Women's Prison. They participate in the Wee Ones Program; a controversial part of the Indiana prison. The show not only takes a look at the mothers' situations but also guards, inmate nannies, and more.

Another show on A&E is called "60 Days In." The show lets volunteers go undercover as prisoners for 60 days. That might be enough to shock Farrah Abraham out of any further bad behavior. She's not necessarily an everyday citizen so she may not blend in quite as well.

Or, MTV might be bold enough to launch a brand new series about Farrah Abraham which goes to whichever jail she ends up in. They could even realize just how much her detractors want to watch her go through the trials and tribulations of being in the legal system. One has to wonder if Abraham would agree to be on such a program, though.