"B&B" spoiler alerts indicate that the battle to win Liam's heart has begun. Steffy knows that Hope is pregnant and already going into panic mode. Brooke has been encouraging her daughter to have hope for a future with the man she loves, while Ridge believes Liam will stand by his daughter and their new baby, Kelly. This controversy could tear apart Ridge and Brooke's marriage and will surely leave one baby mama out in the cold. Liam can certainly love and support both of his children, but only one woman can truly claim his heart and become his wife.

This will be the fight of their lives and only one woman will get her man.

Brooke wants Hope to fight for Liam

Spoilers from Soaps She Knows indicate that this coming week Brooke is going to push her daughter to go after the father of her child. Hope is already encouraged because Liam was happy to hear the news that she is carrying his child. Brooke has tried to prepare her husband for the possibility that his daughter may be left out in the cold, but he will not hear it. She pointed out that Liam was ready to marry Hope and still loves her but Ridge believes he will remain true to Steffy.

Brooke also emphasized that Liam can never totally be over the fact that Steffy so easily went to bed with his father.

She is pushing Hope to fight for her baby daddy in spite of her spouse's objections. Spoilers point out that Liam has gone back and forth between the two women for years but now will be forced to choose one at the expense of the other. In Hope's favor is the fact that Dollar Bill believes Steffy should be with him. Celeb Dirty Laundry spoilers tease that Liam is truly going to be torn between these two women and will eventually be forced to make a choice.

Ridge and Steffy may be delusional

On Friday's episode of "B&B" Liam told Steffy that Hope is pregnant and she went into panic mode. First, she asked him if he was sure the child was his when she knows Hope only has eyes for one man. Next, she said they would handle the situation as one big, happy family, and added that they would do it as a married couple.

It's clear Steffy is desperate to secure her position as Liam's wife before Hope snags him.

Both Steffy and her dad are delusional and not looking at the whole picture. Ridge and his daughter are not processing the fact that Dollar Bill Spencer may turn things in his favor. It's still possible that Bill could be Kelly's biological father, and even if he is not, he will use this situation to encourage Steffy to become his wife. He has been saying for a while that Liam and Hope are destined to be together and now he can strike while the iron is hot. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons at 1:30 PM EST on CBS.