The Junior Basketball Association (JBA), is a basketball league founded by LaVar Ball which gives people an alternative to college basketball. The difference between college basketball and the JBA is that in the JBA, you get paid to play. In the recent episode 3 of season 7 in "Ball in the family," LaVar invited four players in his league to stay at his house. He wants to train them for the upcoming season.

Getting ready for the season

Back in October, LaVar bought a house that is 16 000 square feet at the cost of $5.2 million. The only people that live there are LaVar, his wife, Melo and Gelo, as Lonzo has his own apartment.

This week Lonzo and Denise finally said "hello" to their baby girl, Zoey Christina Ball, TMZ reported, so they'll want their space.

They also have three dogs that live with them. With so much space in his house, he invited four players from his JBA league to stay at the "Ball estate" so he can train them for the upcoming JBA season. He invited Corey Boyd who's known as "Big Jelly," from St.Louis and plays for Atlanta Ballers, Greg Floyd from Las Vegas who plays for the Los Angeles Ballers, Niles Malone from Oakland who plays for the Los Angeles Ballers and Big D who's from Montreal.

The reason why LaVar invited them to stay at his house was because he thinks that five players from the JBA will get drafted next year and that they'll be four of the five.

His training starts off at 7:30 in the morning and Melo and Gelo join the JBA players by going for a run from 7:30-9:00. Then from 9:00-11:00, they do weightlifting and from 11:00-1:00, they play basketball.

Another reason why LaVar invited those four players to stay at his house was to help Gelo train for the draft combines and NBA.

He brought in those four specific players as they all possess different attributes to the game that Gelo will face in the NBA. Big D is 7'0, Greg is a 6'11 swing-man, Big Jelly is big and heavy at the height of 6'9 and weighing 260 pounds and Niles is a fast-paced player even though he's only 5'10.

From all the training they're getting from LaVar, the boys seem like they're having a bit of a tough time keeping up, as they've said that his training is challenging and difficult.

Even LaVar admitted to that. Big D said that the more he did LaVar's training, the more he gets used to it slowly. LaVar said that his type of training is the training you need to get into the NBA.

Part of LaVar's training is doing scrimmages of three-on-three full court basketball. Watching from the sidelines, LaVar says he likes the intensity of the scrimmages but tells Gelo that he isn't doing well cause he's missing open shots. Gelo, Melo and Big D won the scrimmage which got Big Jelly, Greg and Niles arguing with each other about how they lost. LaVar said that Greg is an emotional player as when he doesn't do well, he misses his shots, doesn't play hard and he doesn't hustle which prevents him from being a successful player.

Next episode

After all the "Ball in the Family" reality show episodes on Facebook, a preview is shown about what's going to be in the next episode. In episode eight, Denise and Lonzo will go shopping for baby items which makes Denise stressed and Gelo is at the pro combine being watched by NBA executives.