The latest updates and spoilers for the live-action "Aquaman" movie reveal new details about the film's story and characters. and IGN were able to speak with the cast and production of the move regarding its main plot, Arthur Curry's backstory, and Ocean Master's plans against humanity. "Aquaman" will take place after the events of "Justice League" film, as Momoa will reprise his role as Arthur Curry, the reluctant prince of Atlantis. He must find the legendary Trident of King Atlan and prevent a war between the humans and Atlanteans.

The film will premiere in cinemas on December 21.

The life of Arthur Curry in 'Aquaman'

According to Jo Blo, "Aquaman" will have flashback scenes featuring a young Arthur Curry and how he discovered his Atlantean abilities. Curry first learned he can talk to fish during a field trip to a Boston Aquarium. He was being bullied by his classmates and they noticed the fish were gathering toward him.

Film producer Peter Safran told IGN how Arthur's parents met in the movie. They first saw each other in the 1980s, as Tom Curry rescued an injured Atlanta on the shore. He nurses the Atlantean back to health, and over time, they fell in love, leading to Arthur's birth.

Jason Momoa talked about his insights into Arthur's story and powers, and how these events shaped him to become the person he is in the present day.

When asked about certain scenes depicting Arthur answering questions about abilities and Atlantis, the "Justice League" actor stated that director James Wan lets him do the talking and it will reflect itself in the movie.

"Yeah, I think James [Wan] has taken all those fish puns and, really, kind of let me do ‘em. I think he has an interesting look on what all those fish puns are," Momoa told Jo Blo.

The movie will mostly take place in the present time as Arthur is reluctant to accept his rightful place as the ruler of his people and must find King Atlan's Trident to prove his worthiness with the help of his love interest, Mera.

Atlantean-Human war

According to IGN, Ocean Master's plan in the "Aquaman" movie is to subjugate the seven aquatic kingdoms and start a war against the surface world.

Ocean Master is described as a brutal villain who will do whatever it takes to take over his people and the whole world. In order to execute his plans, Ocean Master will need the Trident, with the help of Black Manta, in exchange for getting revenge on Arthur for his father's death. He will use the Trident to command all of the ocean life by his side against the human race.