On "The Young and the Restless" Victor Newman and his wife have reconciled and are trying to make their fifth time of marriage work. They admit that each is the love of the other's life and have now put an end to their open marriage. The couple, however, continues to keep explosive secrets from one another which could result in yet another separation and/or divorce. Nikki is withholding the fact that she hit J.T. over the head with a poker and that Victoria, Phyllis, and Sharon helped her hide the body in Chancellor Park. Her spouse has not been forthcoming regarding the fact that he is still playing mind games with Jack Abbott and his family.

Their new normal is obviously just more of the same.

More lies and secrets for the Newman's

Last Summer when Nikki reconnected with Jack Abbott, she said she was done with Victor because she could not forgive all the things he did to hurt people. By New Year's Eve, however, the couple were saying their wedding vows for the fifth time. It began as a deception and was supposed to be in name only, for the public eye. Each was to live their own separate lives, but fans had no idea what was really going on. Eventually, the truth of what this meant came to light when Nikki began seeing Arturo, And while hospitalized, Victor admitted that he was seeing Helen, who worked at Jabot.

The secrets and lies are continuing as the one thing that gets under Nikki's skin is Victor's continual harassment of the Abbot family.

On Tuesday, Kyle accused the Newman patriarch of destroying his dad by bringing to light the recording where Dina said John Abbott was not the father of her son. On Wednesday a drunk Jack was in a car crash which Nikki will blame on her spouse when she finds out all the details he has been hiding. It looks like Jack and J.T. will be the cause of another split between this popular couple.

The lies will drive a wedge between the Newmans

Victor is playing a game of cat and mouse with Kyle by dangling a position at Newman Enterprises in front of him. On Wednesday Jack's son tried to earn his keep by sharing that Billy has been named permanent CEO of Jabot Cosmetics. Nikki will not like this any more than her husband will enjoy being kept out of the loop regarding what really happened to J.T.

and how his wife, daughter and two former daughters-in-law were involved.

These explosive secrets will come to light and all the manipulations will take a toll on the Newmans. On Tuesday, after saying goodbye to Arturo, Nikki told her daughter that she and Victor were solid but viewers know the lies will come to light and a wedge will be driven between this power couple yet again. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.