"Westworld" has been HBO’s best show on television (not named "Game of Thrones") this season and the anticipation keeps on getting better and better. It has given us themes of revenge and love as well as the consequences of violence throughout the course of the show and its current season.

Based on the 1973 movie of the same name starring James Brolin, the show follows a park named Westworld built by humans. The humans control the androids who are called hosts in the shows and give each of them certain narratives. What you question is whether or not they really are who they say they are.

Season 2 continues where season 1 left off, after Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), the original founder of Westworld is killed by a host who is the main character of the show, Dolores, played by Evan Rachel Wood. She, as well as the other hosts, avenge those who tormented her after she became intelligent enough to understand what the humans were doing to her.

Betrayal and distrust ensue during the rest of the season as she begins to find out who she is. Entitled ‘The Passenger,’ the season 2 finale will quite possibly end the season with twists and turns.

The Man in Black: Human or Android?

During the season, The Man in Black has dealt with many things including understanding who he truly is as well as the theme of family.

We as an audience see certain instances where it seems he is human and where he seems he may not be human and may be one of the hosts.

Back in last Sunday’s episode entitled ‘Vanishing Point,’ we saw more of the Man in Black / William and we saw him discovering things about his past he never knew after meeting his long-lost daughter.

Near the end, he takes a needle and stabs it in his arm to try and remove something from his body, telling the audience that he may be an android after all, as all hosts are operated like that.

According to ABC news, William was looking at his wrist often and questioning whether he is truly human or not. This may lead him to kill himself in the season finale since he almost committed suicide during last week's episodes.

Will the season finale explain this or will we have more questions afterward? Stay tuned to find out.

Dolores' vengeance continues

Since the beginning of season 2, Dolores has been on a revenge rampage, killing all those who have controlled and manipulated her. He friend and android Teddy (James Marsden) looked out for her but saw the error in her ways. ABC notes that he's dead now and "Dolores was seemingly responsible for his death."

According to The New York Post, Dolores may actually be the antagonist since Akecheta, a native American Indian android called her "Deathbringer." Maybe he knew all along that Dolores was the real villain here and that the hosts should be cautious of her.

Will she be successful in her revenge quest or will more twists show up that surprise us? We shall see after it airs tonight at 9 PM on HBO.