Sam Mendes, who directed such hits as 2012’s “Skyfall,” and 1998’s “American Beauty,” made this harrowing epic war film featuring a soldier that is tasked with getting his brother back and stop an attack.

Recently it won three awards at the recent Golden Globe Awards, including best picture and best director for Sam Mendes. It has been nominated for other awards, as well, and is a strong contender for the upcoming Oscars.

According to BBC News, World War l, which has influenced the film, had around 17 million dead. The film pays tribute to those who served and lost their lives, saving the country.

According to USA Today, LA Times film critic Kenneth Turan said that Sam Mende’s central influence in making the film was to honor his Grandfather, Alfred, who had served in the war.

Innovative filmmaking

“1917” was an innovative piece of movie-making as there are no cuts throughout the one hour and 58-minute runtime.

It is not the only movie to achieve this feat as 2002’s historical drama “Russian Ark” also did it in an hour and a half. It is shot as one continuous scene from beginning to end, which made for a unique theater-going experience. The film editor, Lee Smith, did an excellent making it look like one continuous scene. The film was done in two parts and was blended together to look like one continuous scene.

Great message

Mendes’ “1917” as a great message about heroism and going above and beyond to achieve your goal even if it may be impossible to achieve. Will Schofield, the main character of the picture, played by fellow newcomer George MacKay, is ordered by General Erinmore to deliver a message to call off the next morning’s attack.

As he gets closer to his goals, he realizes the high stakes he is in.

After his friend, the soldier whose brother MacKay has to find, is dead; he confidently expresses his bravery to go and continue his mission by himself without any help whatsoever. The film expertly portrays this, which adds realism to the film.

Good cinematography

The cinematography was done beautifully by 14 time Academy Award nominee Roger Deakins.

He also did the cinematography for films such as 1994’s Stephen King classic adaption “The Shawshank Redemption” starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins and the Academy Award-nominated Sci-Fi film, “Blade Runner 2049” starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford from 2017. He did a great job creating each scene, making you fully engrossed in the movie.

I strongly recommend seeing this movie in an IMAX to get the fully immersive movie-going experience: great film all around and one of the best films of 2020 so far. The Golden Globe award-winning “1917” is now playing in theaters everywhere in standard and IMAX formats.