The MTV crew filming "Teen Mom 2" might not have realized all the disturbing details that the camera picked up while inside Jenelle Evans' home but the fans sure did. According to the OK Magazine, the fans were furious over a slew of prescription pill bottles on the "Teen Mom 2" star's kitchen counter.

It wasn't so much the number of pill bottles that drew the most angst from the fans as it was the location where Janelle seemingly had just planked them down. They were in plain sight and within an arm's reach of the kids. This spelled danger to the fans who were furious after watching this scene, suggests Hollywood Gossip.

Comments from viewers on Reddit started showing up regarding these pill bottles, writes Hollywood Gossip. One user wrote, "All those pill bottles are making me nervous with three toddlers running around." Another Reddit user showed some empathy about having to take prescription medication but offered a strong suggestion that she should keep those pill bottles on top of the fridge.

Cause for alarm

While the pills were not part of what was going on at the time, they are seen in the background on the kitchen counter. This made the fans "nervous" over the prescriptions being in a spot where the toddlers running around could reach them. The location of the pills drew tons of criticism but there were a few who commented about the number of bottles on her counter as well.

Some viewers were astounded that there were that many prescriptions for such a young family.

Household too young for so many pills

Some folks who commented about the pill bottles conveyed how you might expect to see a counter full of medications in a home where someone sick and elderly resides, but not in a home filled with young people.

While the fans were quick to address the prescription medication all lined up and within arm's reach of the kids, a few of the other fans honed in on the holes in the door in Janelle's home.

A few commenters from another OK Magazine article spotted those "punch-holes" in the door when an unexpected visitor arrived. Another viewer caught holes on a few doors in that house.

Fans are no longer looking at the entertainment value that Jenelle's household was originally thought to offer. Their "mindless" TV viewing has seemed to morph into watching for red flags in this home.

Pills and punch-holes

Today the fans are eyeing the safety and well being of their kids. In just one episode alone the concerns over the pills and punch-holes in the doors emerged online from fans. Holes in the door appear to indicate someone has landed a punch in that spot. If that is the case, and some of the fans already appear to believe it is the case, then this suggests that there may be violent outbreaks at this house.

This is the deductive reasoning offered by some of the fans after eyeing the doors riddled with holes.

Fans have already witnessed David blow up at the kids using vulgar language during that outburst and now with the damage to the door that was caught on camera recently, the fans are worried about the kids. In the sneak peek for next week's episode, it is reported that the cops showed up for a "well check" on the kids, which was detailed by Blasting News in a previous article.

The fans are not just sitting idly by and taking "Teen Mom 2" and Jenelle's home in as entertainment.

They are actually scoping out the background, the floor, the countertops, and anywhere else the camera lens tends to drift. What they are seeing in these background scenes is disturbing and causing them alarm.