Marvel was suspected to bring something to CineEurope and the rumors indicated that they might reveal the title of the upcoming movie today. While the first look did happen at the convention, the title for "Avengers 4" was not revealed although there was something shown to fans. The bad news for anyone hoping to see the material is that there won't be anything online -- video or photo-wise -- of the "Avengers 4" reveal. Audience members were forced to lock their phones away, so no one could take photos or videos and they were unable to post what they saw online as the reveal took place.

'Avengers 4'

While fans around the world won't get the chance to see the first look material that fans at CineEurope got to see, there was no way to keep fans from talking about it online. The Hollywood Reporter was at the scene when Marvel and Disney unveiled the material for "Avengers 4."

There was a leak from someone who claimed on Reddit that his brother was an engineer for Marvel and he said that the title of "Avengers 4" is two words that start with an F and an H. That caused some to speculate that the title might be "Avengers: Final Hour." That is just speculation, but the release of the first-look is getting Marvel fans very excited about the upcoming movie that promises to change everything about the franchise.

Evangeline Lilly also talked about "Avengers 4," which makes it sound like Wasp will play a role in the movie. She went on to compare the movie to the third season of her former hit TV show "LOST."

On top of "Avengers 4" footage, Disney also showed footage from the upcoming Pixar movie "Toy Story 4" as well as scenes from July's "Ant-Man and the Wasp." However, the most exciting reveal outside of the new Avengers stuff came with the first-look at Marvel's other 2019 movie release -- "Captain Marvel."

'Captain Marvel'

In July, "Ant-Man and the Wasp" is the next Marvel movie to hit theaters.

Between that and "Avengers 4," Marvel will introduce a new superhero to movie audiences in Captain Marvel. There was a tease at the character t the end of "Avengers: Infinity War" when Nick Fury tried to call her for help.

Marvel's first female-led superhero movie will hit as the first film for the studio in 2019.

First-look for "Captain Marvel" was also unveiled at CineEurope, as Marvel called her the "future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe." There are some who believe that "Captain Marvel" will introduce a new agency known as SWORD, which will lead into the James Gunn-led cosmic Marvel Universe -- the home of the Guardians of the Galaxy.