Spoiler alerts for “General Hospital" indicate that life is about to become pretty intense for Carly and her loved ones. Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that In order to keep from going to Pentonville prison, Mrs. Corinthos reluctantly agrees to a plea of insanity. Diane and Sonny believe it’s the best thing to do, but Jason does not agree. Along with Michael and Spinelli, he is trying desperately to find evidence that Nelle set up his best friend. Even though he is against his BFF being sent to Shadybrook mental health facility, he agrees to go along with the plan for now.

It may backfire. Soaps She Knows teases that Mr. Morgan might get tripped up while on the witness stand.

Jason has Carly's back

Jason is the only one who has believed in Carly’s innocence all along. Sonny is convinced his wife is having a breakdown and Joslyn, Bobbie, and Michael have been torn. Diane said she is paid to present facts. Jason, however, immediately went to work trying to prove that Nelle set all of this in motion. “GH” spoilers indicate that before Ms. Benson is exposed, Carly will be found guilty by reason of insanity and sent to Shadybrook.

"GH" spoilers say that Sonny and Jason will be called to testify in court and Mr. Corinthos will express his concern for his wife’s mental health.

Carly’s BFF, however, might become backed into a corner and forced to tell the truth regarding her situation. Meanwhile, Nelle is going to overhear Michael talking to Spinelli about finding evidence to incriminate her. He will do his best to cover and throw her off the trail, but Ms. Benson could become suspicious.

Carly will triumph over Nelle

Jason believes in Carly and Michael trusts Jason. They both are counting on Spinelli to get the proof needed to bring Nelle down. Once Carly is sentenced to Shadybrook, the men in her life will need to work fast to secure her freedom. Spoilers don’t say how long Mrs. Corinthos will be hospitalized, but the powers that be at “General Hospital” probably will not allow her to remain there for long.

Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that as Spinelli, Michael, and Jason close in, Nelle is going to make Ava the fall guy. Eventually, however, her house of cards will fall.

Nelle Benson is about to get what’s coming to her and perhaps Ava Jerome will as well. Eventually, the baby blanket will have to surface and it will be proof positive that Carly did not push her son’s baby mama down the stairs. With Jason and Spinelli on the case, Mrs. Corinthis should be out of Shadybrook in no time at all. Be sure to keep up with the Port Charles happenings by tuning in weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM ET.