"General Hospital" fans were disappointed when one of the most beloved characters, Laura Spencer, left town to care for her grandson, Spencer. Genie Francis was placed on recurring status but spoilers say she will soon be back in Port Charles. Soaps She Knows teases that Laura will return to town and be involved in a big storyline. No details have been given on the nature of the plot she will be involved in, but there are at least three possibilities. She could be needed to help with Charlotte if Nina does nor reconcile with Valentin or he possibly goes to jail.

Spencer is slated to come home for the summer and he is always a handful, and of course, the renewed rumors of a Nikolas recast.

Genie Francis is an asset on 'General Hospital'

Genie Francis has been an asset on "General Hospital" for close to four decades. Her calming presence is truly an asset in Port Charles. Executive producer Frank Valenti took a lot of heat for placing this fan favorite on recurring status but he promised she would return. it's possible that Valenti has been setting the stage for whatever storyline will bring Laura back to town. Spencer is quite a handful and will need his grandmother's guidance once he returns from boarding school.

Both Laura and her grandson have unfinished business with Valentin, whom they believe is responsible for the death of Nikolas.

The big "GH" storyline could revolve around their vendetta, or it could lead to confirmation of the rumors that the Cassadine Prince is being recast. This would restore Spencer to the home he loves so much, as well as reunite him with his father. Unfortunately, spoilers have not been able to validate the rumors that have persisted for close to two years.

Laura is needed in Port Charles

Laura and Monica are the last two remaining older women on "General Hospital." It is important that longtime fans are able to relate to characters that go back for decades. Genie Francis' character brings a balance to the chaos that is running rampant in Port Charles and her entire family needs her right now.

In addition to Spencer and Charlotte, Lulu is reeling from finding out that Peter August is Henrik Faison.

Soaps She Knows will give additional updates regarding Genie Francis as they become available. Loyal fans just have to sit tight and await her return. Whatever the storyline is that she will be involved in, it will no doubt be a good one. Charlotte is already back on the scene and when Spencer returns, things will only get better. "GH" airs weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.