Intrigue, mystery, and danger are in the air on “General Hospital,” thanks to an unknown assailant. A mystery person has kidnapped Peter August and now seems to be pulling all the strings. Maxie, Nina, Valentin, Anna, Robert, Jason, San, Drew, and other Port Charles residents are trying to figure out what is going on. No one will be safe until all the pieces are placed in this puzzle. Lives will continue to be disrupted as long as the mystery man or woman remains anonymous and the flash drive with Drew”s memories is found. There is a lot to be wrapped up during the final two months of this current storyline.

Peter August is key

“General Hospital” is less than two months from being wrapped up. A key to concluding this storyline is Peter August. On Thursday (May 31), Valentin was found sitting in Peter’s jail cell, while Mr. August was shown going into his Aurora office. Before he could gather his things, an unknown assailant knocked him out and began dragging his body out of the room, as the flash drive fell from his hand to the floor.

No face was shown so it’s not known whether Peter’s kidnapper is a man or woman. Whoever it is will more than likely play a role in concluding this nine-month storyline. Everyone in Port Charles, except his mother Anna, is angry with him. They know Valentin traded places with him but have no idea he has been abducted.

Pandemonium in Port Charles

Jason and Sam were shocked to see that Valentin had replaced Peter in his cell and later warned Anna, who is delusional and believes she is in no danger. Maxie woke up screaming from a nightmare where Faison’s son was in her hospital room announcing himself to be Henrik. Robert is eager to see that Mr.

August is apprehended and taken away by the WSB, while Drew refused to help him in exchange for the flash drive. Pandemonium is breaking out in Port Charles and no one as of yet realizes that Peter has been abducted or who is behind it.

Nina, Lulu, and Maxie are all in shock that they let Peter into their lives and he turned out to be Henrik.

Anna wants to get to know her son but he wants nothing to do with her. So many lives are disrupted and now a mystery person is involved. Could Faison or Nathan possibly still be alive, or is someone else in Port Charles pulling the strings? Perhaps the mystery man is someone completely unknown. Stay tuned to General Hospitalweekday afternoons at 12:30 PM ET on CBS. This storyline is close to being over so things are going to really be intense.