Big Cass, who became popular as Enzo Amore's tag team partner, was released by WWE, on June 19, according to an official statement. His departure surprised many, as he just finished a program with Daniel Bryan at Money in the Bank, just two days prior.

The announcement

In an article posted to WWE's website, the Wrestling company revealed the big man's contract had been terminated. The statement read, "WWE has come to terms on the release of William Morrissey (Big Cass)." This breaking news first gained traction after the official WWE Twitter account posted about it at 1:54 PM on Tuesday (June 19).

The announcement came on the same day Big Cass was scheduled to appear on "SmackDown," likely to address his loss to Daniel Bryan this past Sunday (June 17). "SmackDown" currently airs on Tuesdays at 8 PM.

No well-wishes from WWE

Releases are nothing new for WWE. However, Big Cass's release statement is a bit different from others. Generally, when WWE releases a statement on a wrestler's departure, they wish them well in their future endeavors. These well-wishes are missing from the Big Cass statement, creating some speculation regarding the situation. Another ex-superstar missing the "future endeavors" treatment was Enzo Amore, Big Cass's former tag team partner, who was released earlier in the year.

Amore failed to inform his employer that he was under investigation for rape, leading to the end of his Cruiserweight championship reign and WWE career.

What happened

Details surrounding Big Cass's release are uncertain. However, Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four Online/Wrestling Observer revealed in a tweet that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon personally did the firing.

Alvarez notes that McMahon called a meeting prior to "SmackDown" and then fired Big Cass.

Since the announcement, speculation has abounded. People have pointed to previous reports of Big Cass going against orders in a "SmackDown" segment during his feud with Daniel Bryan. Back in May, Pro Wrestling Sheet revealed officials were upset with Cass after he deviated from the script, beating down a little person dressed as Bryan prior to the wrestlers' match at Backlash.

Others have pointed to rumors of backstage issues, but no more concrete details have been revealed. Since McMahon himself fired the former tag team champion - and so suddenly - it seems Big Cass may have done something really wrong. However, without any more official statements from WWE or words from anyone else involved, the speculation will likely continue.