On May 17, 2018, MTV announced it has suspended its show 'Catfish' following recent allegations from a former guest regarding co-host Nev Schulman. This isn't Schulman's first brush with allegations, but in the wake of the #MeToo movement, men are now being held accountable for their actions. This specific accusation comes as a shock to many, as the 'Catfish' star has cultivated a good-guy image.

Former guest claims sexual misconduct

In two YouTube videos, season four guest Ayissha Morgan discussed her 'Catfish' experience, using the pseudonyms "Jack" and "John" for the show's hosts, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph respectively.

After identifying "Jack" as the "main person," meaning Schulman, Morgan claims he kept coming on to her, calling her pretty and making other comments.

Noting that she is not opposed to compliments, Morgan says it was the number of comments that really bothered her. According to Morgan, Schulman harassed her during every break in filming, making her uncomfortable and asking her when he could take her on a date. In the video, Morgan explained that filming the episode pushed her outside of her comfort zone, to begin with, and having someone come on to her constantly made that discomfort even worse.

The encounters Morgan describes are more of an issue due to her sexuality. Morgan is a lesbian, and Schulman repeatedly asked her about it, even going so far as to question her sexuality.

After telling him on numerous occasions that she was not bisexual, he apparently told her, "I don't think you're a lesbian." She claims he felt she hadn't found the right guy and propositioned her, actively pushing her for sex.

Schulman's history

In 2010, Schulman became known for his role in the documentary 'Catfish' in which he was the victim of a woman pretending to be someone they're not, online.

This then led to Schulman, along with Joseph, to host MTV's 'Catfish: The TV Show.' In the show, the pair helps people find out who they're really talking to online, exposing catfish. The show and the entire "catfish" phenomena has really taken off, though it certainly has affected a variety of people.

Though both Schulman and Joseph generally portray themselves on the show and social media as social-justice minded forward thinkers, this is not the first time Schulman has received some bad press.

During his time as a student at Sarah Lawrence College, Schulman was expelled for punching a girl, though he claims it was in self-defense. In an interview with Vulture, the girl he punched, however, argues that was not the case, saying he punched her repeatedly in the head. These accusations came out after the 'Catfish' host condemned football player Ray Rice for abusing his wife, writing on social media, "Real men show strength through patience and honor."

Schulman reacts to accusations

Following these allegations, Nev Schulman immediately denied them in a statement, saying the claims are false. Additionally, he cites fellow colleagues who can attest that the behavior described by Morgan did not happen.

Part of the statement reads, “I have always been transparent about my life and would always take responsibility for my actions — but these claims are false.”

His statement contrasts greatly with Morgan's claims. In the second part of her video, she says crew members were not surprised by Schulman's behavior towards her. She claims they discussed his previous actions with her, and it was agreed the co-host treats women like toys.

With these current accusations, 'Catfish,' which has a total of seven seasons, appears to have an uncertain future.