Tilda Del Toro is an actress who is currently anticipating her newest film called “Night School” led by Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish and being released by Universal Pictures. A new report by CBS states that Hart will be in Seattle soon, while Haddish was seen at the 2018 Tony Awards Sunday night (June 10).

Tilda recently discussed her career as an actor and more via an exclusive interview with Megan Meehan on Blasting News.

Acting, producing, and plots

Meagan Meehan (MM): What ignited your interest in acting and how did that turn it into an interest in producing?

Tilda Del Toro (TDT): Acting started at a young age. I can't say exactly what ignited my interest. It was an instinct. I am naturally a very shy and introverted person at times, but I strongly believe in expression and interaction in the world. Acting gives me that in strides. Producing is something I do less now, but it stemmed from wanting to create on my own and with others. I had the opportunity to produce for James Franco in 2016-2017. Although the project did not get off the ground after a year of working on it I learned what it takes to make a film and as an actress this helps me immensely. I understand my environment on film sets from more than one angle and you’d be surprised what details can make things run smoothly.

It’s all about details. I’ve also written a screenplay titled, “Julia”. It involves an urban Latina who discovers the world of aficionado wine while trying to figure the realities of her brother, boyfriend and financial obligations. Dreams are different when you come from the hood and want to make something of yourself. I didn’t grow up there, but I was close enough and I did indeed experience some of the things in the script so I hope to collaborate with right people on that.

I would most likely put my producer hat back on for that, but not for anything else right now.

MM: What role do you play in “Night School” and what do you like most about the plot and your character?

TDT: I play Maria. Maria is what you could call an American Latina, which I have so much in common with. What I love about the plot in “Night School” is it tackles a very common (not treated enough) learning challenge.

I call it a challenge only because it’s misunderstood, but others would call it a disability, and some would say it does not exist at all. I don’t want to give away what that is, but the way we retain information is sometimes misunderstood and the movie deals with it in a very funny and positive way.

MM: You are also going to be in a biopic about Al Capone so what role do you play, and did you do any historic research to prepare for the role?

Characters, TV, and theater

TDT: I cannot talk too much about my role in the biopic as of yet, but I can tell you that I did a lot of research and preparation for the role. I am able to discuss all of that once the film is released and public.

MM: What sorts of characters do you think are the most fun, challenging, and/or interesting to play and why?

TDT: I think the most fun and challenging are the ones that are so different than me. A life experience I have never encountered in my own life is all of the above. I suppose that’s the thrill of acting.

MM: Do you like playing parts in Movies or TV more and have you ever considered doing work for theater?

TDT: I have done a lot of theater. I grew up a very theater town, Chicago. I was so lucky to work and have so many mentors in that city. It was amazing. I would take the bus to my improv classes, dance classes and voice. I would rehearse anytime, anywhere and it truly taught me to respect the work, but I had a passion for film. My father used to take me to see movies and I think that influenced me.

It made him happy and it seeded in me the experience. I could go see a film and invest in something I never knew or understood in a very visual way. It affected me viscerally and differently than theatre. One of the films my father took me to see was a screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey for example. Now when I go home to visit him we watch the Turner Classic movie channel day and night. He’s my movie buddy and I love him so very much. I still appreciate theatre but prefer film at this time in my life. TV is going through amazing changes and that is exciting too.