Meghan Markle, the Hollywood actress, is now the Duchess of Sussex. In keeping with the royal traditions, she attended the Trooping the Colour ceremony that included an attractive fly-past known as the Red Arrows display this weekend. Meghan is gradually getting accustomed to the royal lifestyle. She stood on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in the company of senior members of the Royal Family. It was her debut appearance and the people who had gathered at The Mall were curious to get a glimpse of her.

Daily Mail UK reports that Prince Harry realized her predicament and extended necessary assurance to the new bride through his expressions.

A lip reader who was present on the occasion tried to interpret the messages and came up with some interesting interpretations.

Learning period for Meghan Markle

The marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was a much-watched event across the world and the pair is now back after a brief mini-honeymoon in County Mayo, Ireland. Meghan appeared to be nervous while attending the Trooping the Colour program.

A fly-past of aircraft is a part of the event and Meghan was probably not aware of this. Therefore, Harry signaled her to look towards the skies or else she would miss the aerial display. This was another example of how members of the Royal Family are always beside Meghan to provide a helping hand.

She is a fast learner and has come from a totally different culture, but she is adapting to the new lifestyle fast enough.

Meghan Markle attracts attention

The entry of a Hollywood actress into the Royal Family was an incident that has set the tone for the emergence of a new generation of royals. They have their own vision and want to change the world around them to the best extent possible.

The Sun UK reports about a lip-reading expert who tried to decipher the unheard dialogues and concluded that Prince Harry was assuring Meghan Markle at every step. He wanted to provide moral strength to her to cope with new situations as and when they emerged.

Both of them arrived at the ceremony in a carriage along with the Queen's cousin, the Duke of Kent.

Prince William and Kate came in a separate carriage. There were nearly 7,500 guests who had gathered to witness the celebrations.

Many of Meghan’s fans and well-wishers are curious to know about her future plans. ABC News has revealed that both she and Harry are keen to make changes. She is already into charitable work related to the empowerment of women and their first major tour is scheduled for October as part of Harry’s Commonwealth Youth Ambassador role.

The travel itinerary will cover Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga. Incidentally, Sydney in Australia is the venue of the 2018 Invictus Games. This is a Paralympic-style sporting event started by Prince Harry in order to encourage disabled ex-servicemen and women and boost their morale.