"Live PD" has many followers on Twitter and the numbers are growing all the time. Now in its second season, many of the nearly 251 thousand people who follow the show get involved on the Twitter feed. A&E screens it for three hours on Friday and Saturday nights. It's a kind of Reality TV show, but Orlando Sentinal points out that occasionally there are a few minutes delay. We can assume this may be over privacy issues, and also may be to protect any undercover police officers who may be caught on camera.

'Live PD' interactive features draw followers

It is probably the interactive features in "Live PD" that draw people to the show. The A&E website says that "Live PD viewers get unfettered and unfiltered live access inside a variety of the country’s busiest police forces, both urban and rural, and the communities they patrol on a typical night." Then they get to make their posts and comments on Facebook and Twitter.

The latest shows came after a two-week hiatus, and the fans were quick to get online and make their feelings known. It's a brilliant mix of social media combining with current events. Some fans even tell the hosts what the police are doing wrong, or comment on the sometimes silly things that happen, almost in real time.

Because it is very close to being actually live, there are often some boring moments or just car-stops to watch, but that is what makes it so real. That is the life of the average police officer - not knowing what the next minute will bring. It could be a dull shift or a shocking shift, or even a dangerous shift, but the cops just never know.

And now a huge audience gets to experience it all with them.

A&E writes on the show synopsis that it was motivated by the "debate over the policing of America [which] continues to be a part of the daily conversation across the nation." "Live PD" offers insights and analysis of scenes, so viewers can fully understand what is going on at all times.

'Live PD' event, a house-breaking in Richland County

If you have not watched "Live PD's" Saturday, June 2 show, please note that there may be content in here that will spoil it for you. The type of live event that went down in one segment, is exactly the type of thing viewers hope for.

Deputy Josh Robinson was in his patrol vehicle when a call came through. A home-alarm went off and the owner called it in. The owner could actually see on camera what was going on inside the house. The screen then shot to that view and sure enough, there were three people up to no good. Deputy Robinson was sent to "clear the house" and "see who is in there." He was also accompanied by other officers.

When they arrived, they called out to anyone in the house to come out.

As they entered they had their guns drawn. That's when a call came in from another unit who reported a citizen saw two suspects run into the woods. The officers went outside and heard them running through the woods and gave chase. Two of them were caught.

As for the comments on Twitter, most of them were complimentary, with users consoling the police that two out of three was not a bad day's work.

'Live PD' Saturday, June 2 show's crime of the week

The main crime of the week segment was about a man who was "carjacked at gunpoint in his very own driveway." The background to this was all explained by the hosts.

The next day, the victim was out walking the dogs when he came across his own dashcam lying on the ground. It seemed that the thief had tossed it out the window. Even better, the camera was still working. He switched it on and the footage was still good. "Live PD" showed the footage.

It showed two guys making their get-away in clear and crisp color before they realized the camera was there. They saw the camera when they were looking to switch off an interior light. Then they tossed the camera which had brilliant evidence of them, out the window. It was one of those real-life "Dumbest Criminals" types of incidents.

As you can imagine lots of people had something to say about the two men being arrested and getting their mug-shots taken. User @MicheleFee11 wrote, "OMG, I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!"

Another user mentioned they had seen it on their local news and had laughed so much they hurt themselves.

Overall, the "Live PD" Reality TV show is interesting and entertaining and well worth watching if you are home on a Friday and Saturday night.