Loyal fans of "Counting On" are horrified by comparisons between David and Louise Turpin and the Duggar family. But as details emerge on the California parents who tortured, chained and starved their 13 kids, the similarities line up. And it might be no coincidence. Inside Edition quoted a relative who said the Turpins wanted a Reality Tv Show like "19 Kids and Counting" or Kate Gosselin's "Kate Plus 8."

Turpins and Duggars

Folks noted that "Counting On" parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and David and Louise Turpin are homeschooling parents with "Quiverfull" families.

Actually, the "19 Kids and Counting" clan says they aren't quiverfull, but they do teach that God wants parents to have as many children as possible. The 13 Turpin kids were also named J names like the Duggars. Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth, Jessa Duggar Seewald, Jana Duggar, etc. are all named to honor Jim Bob Duggar.

Scarier Duggar-Turpin Comparisons

The Duggar-Turpin parallel goes beyond circumstances. Both families rigidly control their children. Jana Duggar is still treated like a kid at 28. The eldest 7 Turpin kids are all adults though they look like children and weigh under 100 pounds. Turpin family pictures on Facebook show girls in frumpy, childish dresses reminding folks of the "Counting On" girls' modest attire.

The internet exploded when Jinger Duggar Vuolo and Jill Duggar Dillard wore pants recently. And then there's Josh Duggar, molestation, cheating and obscenity issues.

Duggar pedophilia, Turpin fetish

"19 Kids and Counting" Josh and Anna Duggar faced a scandal of epic proportions after Ashley Madison and his pedophilia admission which is parents covered up.

David Turpin was charged with molestation, possibly in a violent way. Besides starving the kids, the Turpins taunted, shamed, chained, strangled, beat and tortured them, which smacks of a sexual fetish. After leaving Reality TV, Josh was sued for of being violently sexual with Danica Dillon.

"House of Horrors" couple "Counting On" reality show

Even with their issues, the Duggar family is far cry from the child-abusing Turpins. But one thing is similar, both will do a lot for reality television. When Josh got "19 Kids and Counting" cancelled the Duggars fought to get "Counting On." Derick Dillard's transgender rants, and may end their reality TV dynasty. But they set a benchmark with their mega-family that the Turpins envied. Louise Turpin said she wanted to be a reality TV celebrity like Kate Gosselin of "Jon & Kate Plus 8." She has her wish. The "House of Horrors" family are bigger "celebrities" than the Gosselins or Duggars.