A lot of speculation has been noted among the Dragon Ball franchise ever since an announcement on May 17. The makers of the show have recently released the trailer of the anime. "The trailer shows off some new characters that are suspected to be the hurdle for the Heroes," reported Okatukart.

Based on the popular Japanese digital card game "Dragon Ball Heroes" and it's updated "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" an upcoming promotional anime is going to be aired. According to Polygon, "There’s also Fu, a new character drawn from the games who claims to be Trunks’ friend before imprisoning him and wrangling the Dragon Balls."


It is worth mentioning that the show will start airing from July 1.

Of the characters to be featured, Fu is outright mysterious, collecting the Dragon Balls for reasons unknown. Evil Saiyan is the possessor of immense power. Cooler will probably return, ganging up with Trunks to escape the Prison Planet.

Meanwhile, to the disappointment of many, there has been no news regarding the release of the series outside Japan. The first trailer is out already. Two episodes have already been confirmed and the trailer seems to be promising. The trailer features Son Goku and Vegeta and some new faces along with them.

The trailer for 'Dragon Ball Heroes'

Here is the trailer for the upcoming anime.

According to ComicBook, the brief trailer reveals a quick look at the mysterious Evil Saiyan who lives life in a straight jacket.

The major attraction is Super Saiyan 4 Goku fighting another version of himself. The sudden appearance of Blue Vegito at the end of the trailer is the final icing on the cake. A quick recapitulation of the lore is as follows; After returning from the future to train with Goku and Vegeta, Trunks vanishes. Fu, enwrapped in mystery appears all of a sudden with the information that Trunks is held captive in the Prison Planet, which is an unknown location between universes.

The group seeks the Dragon Balls to free Trunks but is caught up in an unending battle. The question that remains to be resolved in this movie is whether Goku and the others will manage to free Trunks from his captivity in the Prison Planet. Meanwhile, "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" released the first trailer for its next mission. The "Universe Mission 3" is coming to the Japanese game." Not much information is known about the "Universe Mission 3." Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Heroes" news and updates.