"General Hospital" spoilers indicate that Port Charles will soon lose one of it's finest because Detective Dante Falconeri will soon make a shocking career move. This week he will announce to his wife that he has decided to take an assignment with the WSB. Dante has been dealing with the death of his partner and friend, Nathan West, and recently began working with detective Chase. The two men had joined forces to take down Nelle Benson and protect the Corinthos family from her evil manipulations. Now it seems that Lulu's spouse is going to leave town before Ms.

Benson can be brought to justice, so his new assignment must be pretty big.

Dante will leave Port Charles behind

There has been no indication on "General Hospital" that Detective Falconeri is dissatisfied with his job at the PCPD. In recent weeks he has been warming up to his new partner and on Tuesday agreed to work with Chase to prove Nelle lied about Carly pushing her down the stairs. With his stepmother locked away in Ferncliff mental health facility, and his grandfather Mike dealing with Alzheimer's disease, this does not seem like the ideal time for Dante to leave Port Charles behind. Soap Opera Spy, however, states that on Thursday Dante will tell Lulu of his plans to work for the WSB.

Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry say that Dante's abrupt career move will come as a shock to his wife because he will tell her that he is leaving Port Charles that very night.

It's possible that joining the WSB may play a part in wrapping up the nine-month storyline surrounding Drew and Jason, that began in the Russian clinic. CDL also teases that Anna may have been kidnapped and as she is a WSB agent, detective Falconeri may be looking for answers to her whereabouts.

Detective Falconeri may leave Port Charles forever

Earlier spoiler alerts alluded to rumors that Dominic Zamprognia, who portrays detective Falconeri was leaving "General Hospital." Both Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soaps She Knows stated in May that there were rumblings that the popular actor was walking away from his "GH" role.

Nothing was ever confirmed, so the gossip could have been a misunderstanding and Dante could only be leaving Port Charles temporarily, to work with the WSB.

It would be out of character for Dante to leave his family behind long-term for the WSB, as Frisco Jones did decades ago. Loyal "General Hospital" viewers, however, can only watch each episode and wait and see how this works out. What is known for sure, is that on Thursday, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the Falconeri family will have an emotional goodbye.