If you are a Fox News fan then you are very familiar with Charles Krauthammer who is a gentleman, a scholar and a favorite among all the Fox News personalities. His recent absence from Fox News was not addressed until Friday when a letter penned by Krauthammer himself was read on-air revealing he has only "weeks to live."

Krauthammer, 68, explained his journey with cancer that has led him to this point where he is looking at only a few more weeks on this earth. Just the fact that he took time out during his final weeks, to address his audience about his prognosis, is a tribute to the type of man he is.

Tucker Carlson was one of the many Fox News hosts who addressed the sad news about Charles Krauthammer, which is seen below in the video tweet.

Final Farewell

Even when facing death, this writer and commentator shared the final leg of his journey in life with the people who have tuned in to listen to his thoughts through the years. At a time when many would prefer to quietly make their final exit, Charles Krauthammer took the time to address those who have counted on him for his honest view of world affairs as they have unfolded in the news.

Krauthammer wrote "I leave this life with no regrets," in the letter he penned and published in the Washington Post and which was later read on-air on Fox News Friday.

This is a man whose commentary was awarded two Pulitzer prizes back-to-back in 1986 and 1987.

A 10-month battle

USA Today reports, Krauthammer explained in this letter why he had been "uncharacteristically silent" over the last ten months.

It was during this time that he had an abdominal malignant tumor removed. While the procedure was successful, this progressive form of cancer returned and his prognosis only puts him on this earth for a few more weeks.

The Independent describes Charles Krauthammer as "one of the more prominent conservative intellectuals" whose syndicated columns and appearances on the Fox News channel were seen by many who followed his work through the decades.

Before his frequent Fox News appearances, he was a favorite on the PBS channel.

Once his letter was published on Friday, people who have worked with Krauthammer through the years offered up their thoughts. He is a man who has been described as "a profound source of personal and intellectual inspiration for all of us," by Fox News media mogul Ruper Murdoch.

His diving accident in college

Charles Krauthammer was confined to a wheelchair after he suffered an injury when coming off a diving board in college. This was during his first year of medical school at Harvard. He continued on at Harvard and got his degree, but it was writing that appeared to be his calling.

The letter that Krauthammer published was read on-air on Fox Friday during a very emotional few minutes.

Fans and colleagues alike were unaware that he was facing such a final prognosis and many were shocked upon hearing the news.

'My fight is over'

Krauthammer revealed how over the last year he has been battling cancer. He has a very progressive form of the disease and it has spread quickly. The disease has gotten worse over the last few weeks and his prognosis, from his medical professionals, is that he only has a few more weeks to live. Krauthammer wrote in his letter "This is the final verdict. My fight is over."