The burns on little Nicholas Woodger were so severe that the Las Vegas Fire and Rescue used a photo of the tot's blistered body as a warning about the dangers of hot water in garden hoses after they've been left out in the sun. Nicholas' mother was filling up a kiddie pool at the time this occurred, which is an event that parents partake in daily all over the country for their kids on hot summer days.

Scalding water

The tot was accidentally sprayed with the hot water by his mom as she filled up his pool with the outside hose, according to WPIX Channel 11 News.

Nicholas suffered second-degree burns to over 30 percent of his body from the hot water that had been heating up in the garden hose while in the yard and exposed to the sun.

Disturbing to see, but a warning not soon forgotten

The Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Department posted the picture below. The photo was used as a warning for parents everywhere today as a visual of what could happen from that water in your backyard hose. While it is disturbing to see this baby with blisters and hooked up to medical equipment, this picture offers up so much more than words.

Fox News spoke to doctors who warned that the water in garden hoses can reach temperatures of 130 to 180 degrees when left lying out in the sun.

Getting burned by hot water is just like being burned with fire, according to what the experts had to say to the media site. Coming in contact with scalding water even for a few seconds can leave you with a severe burn.

Spray the dog, but first, test the water

While cats aren't known for their love of water, dogs are, and in the hot summer months dog owners offer up their furry friend a spray of the garden hose as a quick way for them to cool down.

It is also in the summer months that dog owners give their pets a bath outside using the garden hose. It is important to let the hose run until that hot water is out of the hose, so you don't scald your pets.

Visual warning to parents

While little Nicholas' burns occurred in 2016, the fire and rescue people are using his picture to warn parents today as the summer is just about here.

Fox News is also suggesting that parents test out playground equipment, like a slide, before they allow their kids to use it. The metal used to make some of this equipment heats up quickly and retains heat in the sun.

Some folks may find the picture of Nicholas disturbing, but it serves a purpose if it can save just one child from being scalded with hot water from a garden hose.