Fans have adored Kelly Clarkson for years, and not just for her vocal prowess. The multitalented artist, who took her inaugural “American Idol” win and quickly established herself as someone with lifelong longevity in the music industry, remains completely authentic. The years since 2002 have not diminished the Kelly Clarkson brand of openness, as demonstrated by her Friday, June 8, co-hosting stint on “Today” with Hoda Kotb.

It's no doubt that the “Today” anchor marveled at the fabulous power of Kelly's “American Woman” performance at the CMT Music Awards.

She playfully teased, “Have you had some work done?” Kelly's response was as natural as ever, and so is the reason for her 37-pound weight drop. According to Clarkson, it all came down to a book getting dusty on her shelf, and how it inspired her to eat and cook differently.

A Shar-Pei salute

Kelly Clarkson openly admitted “I'm scared of it,” when it comes to plastic surgery or Botox injections. Like millions of other women, she sees “lines” in her mirror every morning. That reflection, however, is not enough reason for the multitalented mom to go to extremes. “It says botulinum toxin, Y'all…toxin,” Kelly reminds. “How can you put that in your face? I’m gonna be just like a Shar-Pei,” insists the singer, “I'm gonna own it.”

The “Love So Soft” hitmaker also loves that her dramatic drop in weight wasn't dependent on exercise.

“I don't work out, but I do wine instead,” Kelly Clarkson laughs. As with many changes in life, the secret to her recent success came from a book she had had for years, given to her by a friend. “The Plant Paradox” by Steven R Gundry gave Kelly a whole new perspective on food, healthy eating, and health in general.

Kelly Clarkson developed an autoimmune disorder and thyroid condition in 2006, which contributed to much of her weight issues.

The best aspect of her recent physical change is not the weight loss, she reiterates, but that “I'm not on my medication anymore,” pertaining to the thyroid problem. She further elaborates on the author's guidance to eat normal foods, just using naturally-based flours, grains, and ingredients.

“I still eat cake,” she details.

“I just use organic eggs and almond flour. “I even have fried chicken,” simply made with healthier ingredients and methods.

Another of Gundry’s points, that Kelly Clarkson has taken to heart, is that “pharma” and overuse of medications diminishes the body's natural defenses. “Now, I only take medication when I absolutely have to,” declares the ever-busy songstress.

Affordable for all

Kelly is thrilled to extol the benefits of what this new approach to health has meant for her, especially being rid of her autoimmune issues, but she wishes that it was more affordable for all.

“This is expensive,” she declares, fortunate now that funds are not an issue for her family. “I grew up poor,” she recalls, “and my family could have never afforded this.” She expressed hope that the government would establish more programs to allow healthy and organic food choices as an option to people with lower incomes.

Kelly Clarkson was the ultimate showstopper with the definitive “girl power” she poured into her CMT Music Awards performance. For the setlist on “Today,” she offered another statement in feminine force with “Miss Independent,” “Heat,” and “Stronger.” She sounded better than ever on every high note. Clearly, while her drop in dress size has proven benefits, her boundless energy, talent, and sense of empathy only grow.