The third and final installment of the 'Wolverine' franchise "Logan" had its theatrical release in screens all around the United States on March 03, 2017. The film is set in 2029; the time the mutants are facing extinction, and Charles Xavier along with Logan are hiding near the Mexican border expecting death at any moment.

Directed by James Mangold, "Logan" has Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Richard Grant, Boyd Holbrook, and Stephen Merchant in lead roles.

Aged mutants who have lost their fire

It will be utter foolishness if audiences expect to see the mutants with complete glory, as they are aged now, and have lost their innate fire.

Logan's physical health has now weakened, and he is now leading the life as a limousine driver, getting drunk all the time and indulging in unwanted fist fights.

Things take an unexpected turn in Logan's life when a young mutant driven by dark forces arrives at the scene.

As expected, the film has many scenes filled with gory, but what stands out in this film is the impeccable emotional scenes featuring the lead characters.

Unlike the previous versions, this movie is rich in style and substance which makes it the perfect pick for film buffs in this weekend.

Jackman's compelling performance

Hugh Jackman is at his usual best while playing the daring "Logan" on screen.

The iconic character said Adios to his fans after a splendid show, and in all probabilities, this character will turn out to be a milestone performance in the career of Jackman. Patrick Stewart as Professor X too pulled out a decent performance.

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Box-office collections

Released in more than 3000 theaters in the United States and Canada, "Logan" is expected to gross $74 million in North America alone in its opening weekend.

This franchise has a huge fan following in all nooks of the globe, and trade experts predict a decent opening for the movie in Asian and European countries too.

By the end of its opening week, the film is expected to collect approximately $180 million worldwide.