The show is called "Teen Mom," but despite all the churning drama, which offers up the real entertainment value for this show, having babies does fit in somewhere... hence the name "Teen Mom." You can't have a "mom" without babies, so when pregnant co-star Chelsea Houska recently posted an Instagram story, the fans believed they read between the lines and discovered the name she's picked for her unborn child.

Willow was just a name in a blurb

According to In Touch, the fans already know the gender of the baby who is due to join Chelsea's family in "a few short months," so they are waiting for the baby's name to come as the "Teen Mom" star's second reveal.

So just how did baking up a batch of Rice Krispie treats lead to Chelsea's fans thinking her new baby's name will be Willow?

Domestic bliss backfires

It seems that the "Teen Mom" star wanted to share her domestic skills via a picture she posted on Instagram. She innocently mentioned that she was "Making @tm.pi and baby Willow a treat."

It was the word "baby" that caught the fans' attention and this little blurb sounded as if she had picked out the name "Willow" for her soon-to-be-born daughter. It is a beautiful name, but apparently not the one Chelsea has picked out for her new arrival.

Apparently, Willow is the name of Chelsea's friend's new baby and she was baking those Rice Krispie treats to take with her when they went to meet the baby later on that day.

Chelsea posted her explanation online after the baby name became a buzz.

Be careful of what you say

According to Pop Culture, Chelsea got wind of Willow making the rounds online as the name for her baby and it seems she got a kick out of it. She said she can't even mention the name of her friend's babies online anymore, after realizing how this got misconstrued.

Chelsea is expecting her second child with her husband, Cole DeBoer, which makes this baby Chelsea's third offspring. She also has a daughter Aubree from a previous relationship. Last month, the realization set in that the baby's due date was getting nearer and nearer, turning Chelsea's excitement into panic

From Rice Krispies to panic mode

Chelsea said she was excited when she realized she was already six-months pregnant.

The panic seeped in when she thought of all the things she needed to do so they'd be ready to welcome their new daughter.

Chelsea's oldest child, Aubree, is excited about having a baby sister. She already has a baby brother, Watson, who is Houska and Cole's first child together. The teen mom did say her third pregnancy has been "the easiest" so far.

A little old for a 'Teen Mom?'

At 26, Chelsea is far from the age where she would be considered a teen mom in the real world. It seems the popularity of the show kept her a star as she ages into her middle 20s. It is more like "Teen Moms" grew up, as her veteran castmates are pretty much the same age as Houska.