Popular South Korean pop group BTS won four awards at this year's Radio Disney Music Awards. It was the group's first time being nominated and they took home all of the prizes for each category they were in. The awards show aired on the Disney Channel on Saturday, June 23.

BTS and their fans took home awards this year

BTS won Best Dance Track for their song "Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)," Best Song that Makes You Smile for "DNA," and the award for Best Duo/Group. Their passionate fandom, BTS’s A.R.M.Y, also won the Fiercest Fans award. The group managed to win the awards over several popular American artists such as Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, and Meghan Trainor.

The boys were not able to be present for the ceremony but did make a pre-recorded "thank you" video for their fans. A.R.M.Y members in the audience were also allowed to come on the stage to accept the Fiercest Fans award on behalf of the BTS fandom.

Noticeably absent from their pre-recorded video message were the members' new hairstyles. BTS surprised concert-goers with their latest hair colors onstage at the 27th Lotte Family Concert in Seoul, South Korea, on June 22. Before the newest dye jobs, the members had matching hairdos with black and brown colors, which was irregular from their usual appearances of having a rainbow of hair colors among them.

The plain looks had even spawned the hashtag, #BTSBlackHairParty on Twitter.

Style, fashion, and image are important aspects of K-pop culture, and fans of K-pop groups are always quick to excite when their favorite stars change their looks, which happens often. A new look usually foreshadows that big things are coming. BTS fans are hoping that the makeovers indicate that a new music video is coming soon.

BTS continues to dominate music internationally

According to Metro, BTS is currently the top Korean artist in album sales in Japan.

Oricon chart, which is Japan's version of the Billboard music chart, revealed the groups single and album sales rankings, showing that BTS's Japanese album "Face Yourself," is in fourth place with 320,094 copies sold to date. "Face Yourself" was also made a certified platinum record in Japan this year. They also entered the No. 1 spot on 2018's Forbes’ Korea Power Celebrity List. Much like the Forbes lists in the United States, the magazine ranks Celebrities based on their professional achievements, influence, popularity, and earnings.