Drug trafficking across the US-Mexico border is a major issue that haunts the authorities in the United States and “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” is all about fighting the drug lords. Benicio Del Toro, who was also in "Star Wars: Episode VIII," is starring in the movie, which is a sequel to the 2015 thriller, “Sicario.” He portrays the role of an attorney turned hitman, Alejandro. Sky News reports that the movie follows the escalating war against drugs across the border and the fight between cartels and the American government to neutralize the threats.

The Americans hire Alejandro to kidnap Isabela, a Mexican kingpin's daughter, and add fuel to the fire in the conflict between cartels.

Menace of drug trafficking must be stopped

The task of tackling drug trafficking is risky and the CIA agent tells Alejandro that he must help them to start a war. Matt Graver is the CIA agent and the role is played by Josh Brolin. Benicio Del Toro reveals that as a hitman, he has to kidnap an innocent girl, get rid of her, and engineer activities to ensure that the drug cartels fight among themselves. Incidentally, Isabela's father has another identity apart from being a cartel kingpin. He had murdered Alejandro's entire family.

The movie is directed by Stefano Sollima, the story is written by Taylor Sheridan, and it is not only about drug cartels, but also about immigration and trafficking of illegal immigrants over the US-Mexico border.

Everyone seems to be fighting their own private battles, be they officials of the governments, police, soldiers, or criminals. It is possible that the viewer will relate these to real-life happenings at the border that keeps surfacing. “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” will hit the cinemas in UK on Friday, June 29.

This drug trafficking film will release in Saudi Arabia

Variety adds that this drug trafficking thriller will be released in the Saudi capital of Riyadh on Thursday (June 28). That is on the day before its scheduled US release and it will be the first US indie title that viewers will get to see in the country after 35 years.

It is being released by Italia Film, which also handled the release of “Black Panther” in Saudi Arabia. That was a landmark incident, because it was the first commercial screening of a film in the kingdom after the lifting of a ban imposed in the 1980s.

The movie with Benicio Del Toro in the lead is all about drug wars at the US-Mexico border and there is violence. Hence, ratings have been given accordingly. There is strict censorship in the Arab world, but the cuts made by Saudi censors fall in the “very minor” category.