The Brown family of Discovery Channel’sAlaskan Bush People is looking at great things ahead. Matriarch Ami Brown’s recent visit to the hospital brought some good news that she is doing well. Meanwhile, her son, Bear, almost lost a vision after he was struck by a branch while running around the forest. In a Twitter post, Bam Bam Brown shared the good news about his mother’s condition after she went for some testing last week. He said that Ami is still in remission and that he is grateful to her doctors at UCLA for taking care of his mother. “We are very blessed,” he added.

Ami gets stronger every day

The news means that Ami’s cancer has not returned. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Ami’s cancer has disappeared, but she still needs to go on a regular checkup to monitor her condition. It would take five years before it can be declared that she is totally cancer-free. Ami is still dealing with some of the residual effects of her cancer diagnosis but her recovery is going pretty well, a source told Radar Online. With the love and support of her family, Ami also remains determined to beat the disease.

When “Alaskan Bush People” returns for Season 8, it will feature Ami’s battle against cancer, the source said. There will be interviews with the doctors and other medical professionals that helped Ami during her stay at the hospital, per The Hollywood Gossip.

Bear’s eye is almost healed

Meanwhile, Bear, who turned 31 this week, is recovering well from his eye injury. He was hospitalized last month after an accident that could have caused severe damage to his pupil.

Fortunately, there was only a scratch to his cornea, although he had to wear an eyepatch. He is almost fully recovered now, and he even accompanied his mother to her appointment in Los Angeles, California, Radar Online reports.

‘ABP’ Season 8

“Alaskan Bush People” is currently filming the new season in Washington state. They moved out of Alaska because of Ami’s diagnosis last year.

There had been some setbacks as the area experienced an extreme weather, and because the location was remote, the roads became difficult to navigate. Furthermore, some of the family members also experienced other health issues.

Along with Ami, Billy and the rest of their children are all coming back to the show. There is no official date for airing yet, but there are speculations that “ABP” Season 8 might premiere in August. Stay tuned for more updates!