Chad Michael Murray’s wife, Sarah Roemer, took to social media to respond to comments that Sophia Bush recently made to Andy Cohen about her former marriage to Murray. Former "One Tree Hill" star Sophia Bush spoke with Cohen about her previous marriage to Murray, telling him that she "felt pressured" into marrying him, according to Hollywood Life.

Life is good for Chad Michael Murray

Roemer responded to Bush's remarks via Instagram with a snippy meme that reads... “Wait a second…my producers also made me marry Chad Michael Murray.”

Sarah Roemer makes jokes about Sophia Bush's comments over marrying Murray

Murray also responded to Sophia Bush's interview comments regarding their previous marriage.

Murray tweeted that he too is happy with his life now. Murray's tweet revealed that these days he is very content with his wife, his children, and the happy family life they have created.

It has been quite a while since Murray and Bush have worked together on the hit series "One Tree Hill." The series ran from 2003-2012. Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush began dating while working on the show, and by 2004 they were engaged.

They married less than 12 months later. The relationship took a nasty turn when Sophia Bush said that she wanted to annul the marriage five months later, citing fraud.

According to People, Bush's annulment petition was denied and she and Murray were granted a divorce. Sophia Bush was very upset by the divorce and claimed it "devastated" her because she felt like a 'Hollywood statistic-another joke marriage." During Bush's interview with Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live," she said that at the time of the marriage she was “22 and stupid” and marrying Murray was “not a thing I actually really wanted to do.”

The drama between Sophia Bush and Murray is hard for some "One Tree Hill" fans to handle.

Since the show ended back in 2012, fans have expressed their desire for a reboot. As previously reported by Blasting News, earlier this year, Chad Michael Murray posted photos of himself on the iconic bridge featured in the opening sequence of "One Tree Hill." The photo had fans buzzing once again, and speculation of a reboot surfaced.

Former cast members have stated that they would be open to discussing such a project, however, to date, no news has been announced.

"One Tree Hill" is still a popular show and was popular among Netflix subscribers, however, the network disappointed fans when it removed the series from the streaming lineup. Hulu was quick to pick up the series, and, for those that love teen dramas, they also carry other shows like "Dawson's Creek," "Party of Five," "90210," and the "O.C.," to name a few