"There are more than 350 million people that suffer from a mental health disorder," Pennsylvania State University has stated; and over 1 million people worldwide that commit suicide every year. Medications such as Prozac and Effexor have helped millions with mental disorders, but these medications, however effective, can take more than 7-10 days to take effect as they build up over time in your body. The first three to seven days are the most critical for people taking these medications.

People with Mental Health Disorders are more likely to harm themselves than others.

'New studies done in 2016 by the National Institute of Mental Health have been promising'

Patients with major depressive disorders were given Ketamine; a drug that is most often used in veterinary medicine, and also used by humans, as a form of anesthesia, before, during and after surgery. It has also been used illegally and is placed in the same category as PCP and Nitrous Oxide, which can give a hallucinogenic feel. It's also known by the street name Special K, a “club drug” giving an ecstasy-like feel, and making it one of the better known date-rape drugs, Medical news points out.

Its been proven that Ketamine, when prescribed by your doctor, has a quick response due to a chemical byproduct, working in hours and even minutes in some cases and given how long other antidepressants can take to have an effect on these symptoms, it is a very promising sign.

Many people are concerned as far as the safety of the drug Ketamine, goes. This is because the 'high' can make them less conscious of their surroundings.

There is also a concern about how this medication affects a person's memory, because of how the drug works by affecting the neurotransmitters of the brain and slowing down overall brain functions.

It may also affect cognitive functions as well as reasoning. Other side effects are potential heart damage.

With Ketamine, unlike other hallucinogens, your brain develops tolerance really fast; leaving you wanting more to get the same effect. Here is where the addiction part of it takes place, if taken for long periods of time, Ketamine can become highly addictive.

While Ketamine has its mental health benefits, do the rewards of this drug match the risks that circle its use? It is a question that can only be answered over time.

Given the recent school shootings and other tragic events that have taken place, do we owe it to Mental illness to at least take a look. Trial and error is going be the only way to try to get in front of the mental health issues that are affecting the world. Just sitting back and watching is not the answer. We need to come at the mental health problems that we have in the world, we need to face the issue head on, as too many lives have been lost due to suicides.

Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, Robin Williams, are just several people that stick out to me, that have influenced millions, but their illnesses were too much in the end.

They succumbed to the illness which was just too strong for them to fight on their own.

The monster that is mental illness takes people we love from us too soon. In doing your part, if you know someone that is struggling with mental illness, let them know that it’s ok and that there is always some way to get help.