Kelly Clarkson has one of those voices that is instantly recognizable. When the working singer who was a waitress back in 2002, auditioned for the very first "American Idol," because food and rent were included for those fortunate enough to stay in the competition. Now, the girl from Burleson, Texas is a superstar and guiding other dreaming young talents as they audition on “The Voice.” For Kelly Clarkson, the process is much more personal than a simple turn of her red chair. She pours herself into all she does, even to the point of inviting one of the aspiring singers to join her on tour this week.

Motherhood is another all-in passion for Kelly Clarkson, who totally keeps it real when relating her real-life mommy duties. The busy mom is equally real in revealing the devotion she has for her daughter, River Rose, and her son, Remington Alexander, as well as her older stepchildren with husband, Brandon Blackstock. Her children have inspired her in life and in song, and she has shared adventures of childhood wonder and fantasy in children's books that she named after her little girl. No wonder Hoda Kotb could practically hear Kelly Clarkson's voice singing the pages of her first children's book, “i've Loved You Since Forever,” by the time it was put into her hands.

It didn't take any prompting to convince Kelly Clarkson to put music and her unmistakable, soulful tones to the words of the book.

The hard part for both Kelly and Hoda was stopping the tears of emotion long enough to finish the track.

Perfect sync in the studio

This morning, March 8, on “Today,” Hoda shared the video of the time she and Kelly Clarkson spent in the studio on Thursday. Kelly has been told millions of times that she could make the phonebook a Grammy-winning album.

Artistically, she went for old-school and gospel-esque girl power soul on her latest album, “Meaning of Life.” For this session between mommies, though, nothing short of soft and sweet fit the sentiment of the story, which depicts family bonds through the natural animal kingdom, and reaches to the stars.

At one point, Hoda put a crimp in Kelly Clarkson's sound, because she could hear Hoda behind her, sniffling.

Just like a mom will soothe a crying child with a little loving distraction, Kelly grabbed a shaker, reminding that “it sounds like a baby rattle.” She put it in Hoda Kotb’s hand, saying that Haley Joy needed “to hear you on the song.”

Taking inspiration

Hoda Kotb has called her adopted daughter “everything” many times, simply trying to capture the significance that motherhood and making a family has meant to her. Whether a child comes by natural means or adoption, the arrival of every child into a family is miraculous. The proceeds from the musical take on “I've Loved You Since Forever” will benefit, which provides grants to defray the cost of adoption for individuals and families.

Kelly Clarkson created the song in a matter of an hour or so, laying the lilting vocals of animal family love on top of an infectious acoustic guitar. The song has a sweet country tinge but certainly won't detract any pop lovers among Clarkson fans. The singer herself says the sleepy time tune is “like James Taylor," with “like some Patti Griffin in it,” too.

Whatever the inspiration, the result is priceless and will stay a priceless accompaniment for Haley and her mom, as well as lots of other parents in the rocking chair routine, for a long time to come. Any mommies or daddies who want to have the song version of “I’ve Loved You Since Forever” for tonight can download it today from iTunes or Amazon. Sweet dreams.