Rapper Young Dolph has recently shown his ability to help out others. After learning of two coffee shop workers being fired, the hip-hop star decided to step in. Not only did he bring them to a concert, but also decided to gift them a bit of cash to get back on their feet. Here's the latest on what the "Get Paid" rapper did in order to help out the two fired Duke coffee shop workers.

What happened at Duke's cafe?

At a Duke University cafe, two baristas were fired for playing Young Dolph's music. It was reported that they were listening to his song, "Get Paid," at the time.

Unfortunately for them, Duke University vice president Joe Van Gogh happened to walk in and heard what they were playing. Apparently, Van Gogh wasn't happy with the offensive nature of what was playing over the speakers. That resulted in Van Gogh taking action. As Hip Hop Overload indicated in their report, Van Gogh made a concerted effort to have the two college cafe employees fired. However, that incident came to the attention of the man behind the song "Get Paid" and he decided to take action as well.

What's the song about?

While the song "Get Paid" talks about just what it says, it also includes explicit lyrics, which explains why the firing may have occurred. The chorus repeatedly uses a racial slur, while the lyrics mention several swears, drugs, sexual topics, and more.

It also mentions that if someone doesn't have "40 bands" they can't afford to book Young Dolph. The music video features fancy sports cars, scantily clad women gyrating near the cars, and a courtroom scene where Young Dolph is being sentenced. There's also a young kid in the video who gets to see the sort of life that Young Dolph is living as part of his "community service." That life includes an attractive maid in a French maid costume helping to clean Dolph's lavish place.

What Young Dolph did to help

Dolph learned the story of Britni Brown and Kevin Simmons who were the two baristas that were fired for playing his music. The hip-hop star decided it was a good idea to make an effort to help them out. First, he flew them out to Rolling Loud in Miami, Florida, but it was what came next that surprised the two baristas and everyone at the show.

Dolph brought the two baristas on stage and announced his intentions to make sure they got paid after being wrongfully fired in his opinion. He announced he was giving them $20,000 until they were able to find a new job again. Not too shabby for two college kids and not a bad gesture by Young Dolph at all. However, it's also understandable why the Duke vice president wouldn't want the offensive lyrics blaring as people were in the cafe. Perhaps Dolph can send a clean version for the vice president to approve of?