Meri Brown was the first one that was part of the "Sister Wives" family who started working for LuLaRoe. This is an online clothing business where you sell your products in Facebook groups. Meri also travels and does shows in person. When she first started Maddie Brown Brush helped her a bit with invoicing and other things. Then she started her own business. The fact that they have a huge fan base has to help out in making this business a success.

LLR turns into a family affair

It turns out that now Aspyn Brown is joining Maddie in her business.

If you check out Maddie's Facebook group which is called LuLaRoe with Maddie Brush you will see the details. Aspyn recently shared saying, "Hi ladies! I’m helping Maddie with the background of her LuLaLife and will be invoicing, messaging, uploading and enjoying meeting you and helping you hunt your unicorns. I am so excited to start working with you all. " She is also an admin of the group so she can do pretty much anything that Maddie does in the group if needed.

It looks like this business is becoming a family affair. So far, Meri Brown seems to be the only wife that is working it, though. Robyn Brown is still working hard on My Sisterwife's Closet. The other wives are just doing their own thing and not joining this, but the older girls seem to be really into this new adventure.

The fact that Aspyn Brown is helping must mean that Maddie's business is doing well. She has her first child at home and that can keep you busy as well. Caleb and Maddie also moved home so that they could finish up school so she has a lot going on right now and probably really needs the help in her business.

How is Aspyn now?

Aspyn Brown has been doing really well and she is now engaged. The fans can't wait to get to know her fiance more when the show returns. It sounds like she has now decided to start working and you can easily assume that her sister Maddie is paying her a bit to help her out. This will really help Aspyn with starting her new life as a married woman.

Hopefully on this next season of "Sister Wives" the fans will get to see more about Aspyn Brown and her new fiance Mitch Thompson. This should all play out on the show just like Maddie and Mykelti's engagements and weddings did recently. Logan is also engaged but doesn't seem to be in any rush to get married.

Don't miss "Sister Wives" when it returns to TLC with new episodes. It has been confirmed that the show will be back again, but they haven't shared an exact date just yet.