Just a glimpse at Daniel Lissing’s name on social media now stirs a cauldron of emotions for “When Calls The Heart” fans. The final two episodes of Season 5 detailing the saga of the people of Hope Valley left fans reeling over the past two Sunday nights. First, Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) and Abigail (Lori Loughlin) were overjoyed together, seeing the vision that would fulfill Elizabeth’s dream that she wrote in the opening of the episode, that of her husband, Mountie Jack Thornton riding into town. Tragically, it was another Mountie, who delivered the grim news that her beloved Jack was dead.

The season finale, this past Sunday, confirmed the worst as a grieving Elizabeth talked to her newlywed husband at his gravesite, and friends offered touching tributes at his burial.

As it turns out, the title of the last episode, “Close to My Heart,” gives every reason for fans to take heart. By the end of the story, Abigail helps Elizabeth to realize that her recent illness was due to her expecting Jack’s baby. The Australian actor, Daniel Lissing, has embodied the brave but empathetic officer of Jack Thornton since 2014, when “When Calls the Heart” premiered, and became the most successful series in Hallmark Channel history. Daniel Lissing, Lori Loughlin, and Erin Kraków sat holding hands for their interview on “Home & Family” on April 24.

While his co-stars will deeply miss Daniel Lissing day to day during the shooting of “When Calls the Heart” in Canada, the star very much remains part of the Hallmark family, and future projects are sure to come.

Perfect from the start

“There’s nothing but love here,” reassured Lori Loughlin from the sofa, seated between Lissing and Krakow, now sporting a sweet and short haircut.

“We love Daniel, and we support him,” affirmed Loughlin, who is a “When Calls the Heart” producer as well as star. Lissing has made it clear that while “deeply personal reasons” prompted the necessity of leaving the series for the actor, he feels consummate love and gratitude for Erin and Lori, and the long-running series, who all “had my back,” when he revealed his decision to leave for other horizons.

The close cast mates shared a photo taken as they gathered at Loughlin’s home to watch the finale. Daniel Lissing insists that the work of both Loughlin and Krakow deserves Emmy nods, noting that the “arc of Elizabeth’s character is amazing.”

Faithful followers of “When Calls the Heart” well recall the start of the attraction between Jack and Elizabeth, and both actors had a natural chemistry in between takes, too. Erin Kraków frequently posted fun photos of herself and Daniel, and occasionally, one of Lissing playing guitar and singing, reminiscent of his days “as a guy who was playing [music] in bars in Sydney” before striking his success on American television portraying a Mountie. Each co-star calls the other “the best scene partner” that anyone could have.

Lori Loughlin truthfully reiterated how she and the entire production aimed to give “Hearties” “everything they wanted,” a beautiful and memorable wedding for Jack and Elizabeth, who waited almost a season for their first kiss, and new joy, and hope in the arrival of their child, who will doubtless be raised by a village, the community of Hope Valley, which was Coal Valley when Elizabeth and Jack began their romantic journey. Loughlin further explained the dilemma of trying to the re-cast the cherished character, which could have led to true fan revolt, and the equally unsatisfying situation of leaving Elizabeth’s character either pining alone for an absent husband or being “cut loose” by Jack, totally out of character.

Jack's untimely, but heroic, death was the most suitable option.

Is Christmas cheer in store?

Daniel Lissing and Erin Kraków have starred in very popular Hallmark Christmas movies. She has delighted fans in “A Cookie Cutter Christmas” and “Finding Father Christmas.” He also starred in “A December Bride.” Hallmark Christmas movies remain an eternal source for the fans’ holiday enjoyment, and the perfect treat would be to see Erin Kraków and Daniel Lissing take a twirl around the Christmas tree as different characters.

Fans can still look forward to the acting, screenwriting, and other opportunities that lie ahead for Daniel Lissing, who admits that seeing his final “When Calls the Heart” episode was “heartbreaking,” A Hallmark Christmas movie would be the perfect gift to waiting fans who look forward to Elizabeth Thornton’s motherhood journey early in 2019.

Hope lives beyond Hope Valley.