Meghan Markle's father is afraid to embarrass his daughter even more than he already has, so he won't be going to her wedding, according to various reports. This is such a sad situation unfolding for Meghan, especially so close to her wedding -- a wedding that the eyes of the world will focus on come Saturday morning.

According to a TMZ video, which is seen below, Meghan's father talked to them about the recent embarrassing event related to his pictures online. Thomas Markle posed for a few pictures with a photographer but when those pictures found their way online, critics took to social media to chastise the bride's father.

Thomas was slammed for allegedly profiting off of Meghan's fame and the royal wedding.

He was paid

Despite his daughter Samantha, who is Meghan's estranged half-sister, claiming that there was no money behind these pictures, Thomas Markle did reveal that he was paid. He also revealed that the reason he agreed to pose for the pictures was not rooted in the money. He had been approached by various media outlets over the last several months and had been offered great sums of money, up to $100,000, for an interview. He refused to do this time and time again.

With fast food in tow

Recent pictures of Thomas posing in an internet cafe were done for the sole purpose of staving-off embarrassment, claims the father or the royal bride-to-be.

Thomas Markle said this to TMZ.

The pictures of Thomas online (up until recently) were far from flattering. A couple of the photos showed a very heavy man with a bag of fast food in tow. These images did not have any redeeming qualities, and Thomas felt that they not only embarrassed his daughter but the royal family as well.

He agreed to pose for staged pictures with a photographer, which turned out to be the ones that made their way online this week, causing the uproar. All he wanted was a few dignified photos of himself in hopes that they would show him in a light that Meghan could be proud of.

The images showed Thomas in an internet cafe reading an online article about Meghan and Harry.

Another picture also showed him reading a book on British traditions.

This backfired greatly as he was accused of profiting from Meghan's up-and-coming wedding by being paid for these photos. This has caused much embarrassment for both father and daughter. When Meghan got wind of these pictures, reports indicated that she became "hysterical," according to a Cosmopolitan article.

Meghan 'pissed'

Cosmopolitan also reported that Meghan is "pissed" over the photos as well. On the heels of the photo saga, Thomas Markle has backed out of the trip to England where he was slated to walk his daughter down the aisle. He was quoted suggesting that her mother might make a good choice to accompany Meghan to the altar in his place, but Meghan had her own ideas.

Prince Charles, her father-in-law, will be the one to accompany her.

Devastated bride

While the reports regarding Meghan's feelings over this have her "devastated" that her dad backed out of participating in her wedding, the official word of what is going on is that her dad is in poor health. He had recent problems with his heart after suffering a heart attack. It is because of the health problems that he won't be attending the wedding, according to the official word.

Embarrassing moments

But TMZ reports that they learned that Thomas will not be at the wedding because he is too worried about embarrassing his daughter by showing up at the wedding. This is on top of Thomas saying that he has already embarrassed his daughter over the photos.

If it's good enough for Meghan, it's good enough for the masses

Whatever the reason behind this is, Meghan and Prince Harry have asked that the media and public respect Thomas Markle's privacy and leave him alone. TMZ reports in the above video that Meghan sent her father a text message after she learned that he would not be coming to the wedding, and that it was a very loving message.

If Meghan doesn't choose to be upset with her father then no one else has the right to. Despite being upset over the photos and devasted at her dad's last minute change of plans for the wedding, Meghan reached out to her dad to send him her love.