Cliffhanger Friday on "General Hospital" left many Port Charles residents perplexed and hanging in the balance, By the end of the night, everything seemed to turn upside down and there were more questions than answers. Julian sought to comfort Alexis after Finn admitted his love for Anna. Sam figured out that Peter is Henrik and sought Jason's help. Drew misinterpreted their being together and reached out to Kim. Maxi went into labor in Peter's vehicle and right after Valentin performed he was punched in the face by Robert who obviously escaped being held captive.

The 2018 Nurses Ball is gearing up for a grand finale that viewers will not want to miss.

Nurses Ball may have reunited several estranged Port Charles couples

Julexis fans have been perplexed for months as Julian hooked up with Kim and Alexis began falling for Finn. They have been waiting patiently for their favorite couple to reunite and now the Nurses Ball may have them finally headed in the right direction. Just before she was to receive her award Alexis heard Finn declaring his love to Anna. She was so rattled that she missed her cue. She finally walked out onto the stage and went passed the audience and straight to the bar.

Fin appears and tries to apologize but Ms. Davis says she wants to be alone.

Meanwhile, Kim tells Julian that she understands if he wants to reach out to his ex, so Mr. Jerome heads to the bar where Alexis is seated. Sam found Faison's cigarette lighter on Peter's desk and called Jason. He meets her and as they leave the Nurses Ball together, Drew is watching from his table, he and Kim each notices that the other is alone and they decide to sit together.

Additional Nurses Ball cliffhangers

As the evening was coming to a close, Maxi left the Nurses Ball with Peter and later went into labor in his car. Simultaneously Valentin was taking the stage to perform and took note of the empty seats that were vacated by Ms. Jones and Mr. August. Just as he finished his song, Robin Scorpio Drake looked directly behind him and viewers saw Mr.

Cassdine get a punch in the face by Robert Scorpio who obviously escaped from captivity. These cliffhangers are explosive and viewers will have to wait to find out the fate of their favorite characters.

Peter may get Ms. Jones to the hospital on time or he might have to deliver a baby on the side of the road. His heroism, however, will be short-lived when he is revealed to be Henrick by Sam and Jason. Robert will need to explain where he has been held captive, how he escaped, and let everyone know that it was Valentin who is responsible. After being dumped by Finn, Alexis might come to her senses and admit she still loves Julian, while Drew may have memories unlocked by being with Kim. Be sure not to miss Monday's episode of "General Hospital" to find out how all of this is resolved.