Everybody's favourite zombie television series "The Walking Dead" has officially begun shooting its ninth season and the cast seem just as cool as ever. Whilst we don't know what the ninth season holds, there's been a lot of fan speculation regarding how closely the television series will stay true to the plot of the comics. If the narrative follows that of the comic series, we may be starting off season nine with a significant time jump following Negan's previous defeat. It's also probable that we're going to see a range of new characters introduced to the group yet again.

Season nine has begun shooting in Atlanta

Confirmed by set photos taken by TMZ, the series' ninth season has officially begun filming in Atlanta this past Thursday (May 3). The set photos showcase the likes of Andrew Lincoln - Rick Grimes - and Danai Gurira - Michonne - travelling through the streets on horseback, with the group leader sporting a fresher, clean-cut look which further indicates a time jump from where season 8 left off. Fan speculation of the potential continuation of the series is still up in the air, but it's safe to say that these set photos confirm the reappearance of many loved characters that fans have been able to get to know throughout the previous seasons.

'The Walking Dead' is likely going to continue in Washington

According to ComicBook.com, the streets of Atlanta are a likely substitute for Washington, DC. If this turns out to be the case, this further confirms audience theories that the ninth season will begin with the series going through a time jump and moving forward towards establishing a new civilization.

Season eight came to a close with the characters still in Alexandria, Virginia, which is around eight miles from the city of Washington.

The comic book series, which was created by Robert Kirkman, follows a two-year time leap which focuses around Rick Grimes' promise to establish a new, safer, and better civilization after the character of Negan has been defeated.

Along with showcasing the characters making their way into the city on horseback, the newly released set and production photos reveal a range of new locations which may play a bigger part in the continuation of the plot.

In a statement released by the show's executive producer Scott Gimple, he's promised a great deal of evolution when it comes to the show's story itself, according to ComicBook.com; “It isn’t just regular, everyday survival, which they’ve become quite adept at. It’s what to do with that. Now they’re going after civilization.”

Apart from the official announcement of the commencement of the filming of season nine, nothing more regarding the plot or the characters of the series has been confirmed by cast or crew. It seems that fans of the ever-loved series are going to have to hold tight at the moment and wait until more secrets reveal themselves sooner or later.