Britney Spears has wowed the internet once again via a new workout video with her boyfriend Sam Ashgari, which showed off both their fit physiques. The "Queen of Pop," who career has spanned over two decades, has recently been obsessed with staying in shape and has filled her social media accounts with pictures and videos of her workout and diet regimens. It also helps her out a lot that her 24-year-old Iran-born fitness model boyfriend shares her passion for maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Stronger together

The pop icon’s latest video was posted on her own Instagram page on Thursday, May 5, which showed a number of tandem workout routines and choreographed movements.

Most of the routines are quite difficult and show off the couple’s strength and agility. The video also shows off the fruits of their labor as evident in their toned bodies, incredible strength, and flexibility. Spears and Asghari also sprinkle a bit of romance within their routines by kissing each other as they complete different repetitions.

Fighting off the years

Fans who have been following the singer on social media are probably not surprised that Spears is able to perform such difficult workout routines. The "Oops!.... I Did It Again" singer has been very open about her strict workout routines and diet, which she recently shared with Women’s Health magazine. Fans who want to follow her routine can check out her weekly fitness activities, which includes 30-minute laps on the pool and heavy cardio sessions every other day.

The new video has since gotten a lot of praise from fans, who have mostly complimented her on looking so great even at 36-years-old. Spears is expected to show off her fit physique during a series of shows that are scheduled to take place in the next few months.

Who is Sam Asghari?

Spears and Asghari first met on the set while they were filming the singer’s steamy music video for the song “Slumber Party” in 2017.

Asghari played the role of Spears’ love interest. According to a report from the Sun, Asghari is a fitness model by profession but is aspiring to make a name for himself in Hollywood as an actor. While Asghari may not be as popular as his superstar girlfriend, the fitness model currently has a growing number of followers on social media.

That number is expected to grow exponentially, seeing as that the latest Britney Spears workout video has gained over 1 million views just two hours after it was posted.