"The Walking Dead" fans are eagerly awaiting the AMC return of the second half of Season 8 which will air Sunday, February 25 at 9 PM. However, many fans are also getting very nervous about the future of the series, as they are well aware that since the Season 7 opener and the deaths of Glenn Rhee and Abe Ford things have gone a bit stale. Last season the plot lines crawled by so slowly that many fans were just plain losing interest. The first half of Season 8 was no different until the last two episodes.

Will 'The Walking Dead' Season 8B redeem fan confidence?

Now, with all the talk, rumors and speculation, fans are wondering just how much longer the once extremely popular zombie survival series will go on. We already know that big changes are coming up, and we will see the end of Carl Grimes due to a walker bite sustained from Season 8A. This is a major veer from the comics, one that fans are having issues understanding.

Who will we lose next?

Plan on Carl's death being a tough one for fans to take Sunday night, especially going out by walker bite. With everything that Carl Grimes has endured thus far, who would have thought it would end this way for the teenage bad a**? Hopefully by the end of the episode we get some clarity as to what purpose Carl Grimes' death will serve.

Next, we have some major concern for Maggie Rhee. Reports have revealed that actress Lauren Cohan has not signed a new contract for Season 9, and she has signed on to do a new television series pilot entitled "Whiskey Cavalier." In a recent interview with TV Guide, co-star Seth Gilliam, who plays Father Gabriel, is happy for Lauren with whatever happens.

He also stated that he is not at all worried about the series without Maggie's character should something happen to her.

"I think it would be a loss for the show, but the show seems to find a way to go on [after] losing important characters and fantastic actors all throughout the years." If Maggie Rhee's character were to be killed off how do you believe she would die?

Childbirth, walker bite, or seeking her revenge against Negan in honor of Glenn Rhee? There is no way around it, if Maggie dies, it is going to be a real heartbreaking event.

There have also been rumors circulating about the future of Michonne, as dedicated fans are starting to feel that time is running out for "The Walking Dead."

So, "The Walking Dead" fans, chime in with your opinions. What are your thoughts on the future of the show? Season 8B airs Sunday night at 9 PM on AMC. Will you be tuning in?