Barack Obama handed over charge of the White House nearly one year ago and has been busy traveling and enjoying life with Michelle. The family has now come to Hawaii to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and spend a vacation. The location is not new to them and is an ideal destination for a brief getaway. Daily Mail UK reports that former First Lady Michelle and their elder daughter Malia decided to take in some yoga in the town of Kailua. Malia is now a freshman at Harvard University. Michelle was seen in the company of other yoga enthusiasts.

However, neither Sasha, the younger daughter, nor Barack Obama himself was seen at the yoga center.

It was Christmas time

The former President Barack Obama is on vacation but he still has followers who adore him. Since Christmas, the people of Hawaii have greeted him and he responded with equal enthusiasm. Sentiments ran high and comparisons were drawn by some people between Obama and the present president. It is natural that visions of the leaders will differ, and the gap between Barack Obama and Donald Trump is evident in all spheres. They belong to different ideologies – one is a Democrat, the other is a Republican. They also have an age gap and come from different backgrounds, but they have a common factor also – both of them love golf.

The Obamas in Kailua

According to Traveller, the Obamas have come to enjoy their vacation in the town of Kailua, which is an environmentally friendly town where people are encouraged to use the bicycle. The town is located on the island Oahu, which is a half-an-hour drive from Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, and holds a special place for Barack Obama and his family because they have spent a number of their holidays here.

It is a favorite for locals and visitors alike who descend to enjoy various water sports and test their skills at windsurfing, kayaking, and parasailing at the beach. Other attractions include snorkeling and visiting an old volcanic crater which appears in the itinerary of the Obama family. Incidentally, the Bellows Air Force Station is located in the vicinity.

Barack Obama is writing his memoirs. When he relaxes in such surroundings, it helps him to concentrate on how best to present his views. He was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 2009 and served two terms as president of the United States. He has had a fantastic career because he views every situation in its totality before taking a decision. A holiday, to him, is a means to give shape to his ideas.