Taylor Swift decided to make a surprise visit to the 2018 Billboard Music Awards this year. Not only was it surprising to see her, but Kelly Clarkson killed it with her amazing opening for the show by creating her own mash-up of all nominees just so she could give them her honor for the talent they display.

Kelly Clarkson, the host, rocked the stage

After Kelly Clarkson killed the stage with her awesome performance while giving tribute to those who had recently suffered from the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas. Ed Sheeran was next to be given the spotlight for the award for the top artist while also receiving four more awards for the top male artist, the top hot 100 artists, top song sales artist, and top radio songs artist.

Taylor Swift was announced as the winner for the top female artist and the top-selling album and while on stage, she decided to give her speech as a tribute to women. Janet Jackson ended up being the biggest surprise of the night though. Not only was Janet recognized for being the seventh recipient as an icon for the Billboard Music Awards, but she also ended up performing an awesome show for the audience.

BTS won an award for their hit song "Fake Love" for the top social artist for the second time in a row and then performed it while adding charm to the crowd and many who were backstage. After receiving their award, the guys decided to celebrate by popping a few corks out of some champagne bottles.

Top new artist of the year has a mentor?

What about the top new artist who won an award this year? Khalid grabbed a close pop star friend Normani to perform their own form of the song "Love Lies." Normani helped enticed the song with her performance. While standing on the red carpet, Khalid could not help but brag about his most treasured moments which included the friendship of Shawn Mendez.

It was the proudest day for Khalid because it was a dream that came true after having the hope, faith, and never giving up, Khalid looks up to the fact that Shawn Mendez has such powerful love for music and his compassion for each individual is real which makes him such a genuine character and friend. Khalid seems to have a future ahead of him that seems to be something that may turn into a big future, especially if he continues to dance to Kelly Clarkson's performance.

To top off the night, Camila Cabello could not help but be her funny self, especially when Taylor Swift, Camila's new tour date, won her trophy for being the top female artist of the year.