Last week, we experienced years of life passing by in the bunker, but this week, we return to life above ground and back into space, where Bellamy and the gang are trying to reach the mining prison ship. They assume that the ship is currently unmanned as they approach since they cannot raise any communication with it. Emori, who has been learning under Raven, is attempting her first docking of their craft with the unmanned ship, but Raven must take over when Emori can’t control the approach. After some dicey moments, they finally dock with the mystery ship.

Meanwhile, back on the Earth, Clarke and Madi are trying to escape the pursuit of the unknown invaders to their valley.

Clarke sacrifices herself

Clarke and Madi set a trap for the intruders and they kill a couple of them before they realize they are vastly outgunned and outnumbered. In a brief exchange, Clarke is wounded and she and Madi take off attempting to elude the intruders. After Clarke realizes that they will not be able to avoid capture, she concludes that the best course of action is for Madi to hide while Clarke leads the prisoner army estray.

Madi does not like the idea but finally complies and Clarke is captured and taken back to the village. There she is questioned by the leader of the group, Charmaine and tortured by her henchman McCreary.

The only person that seems to be reasonable in the group is Zeke, who appears to have some sympathy for Clarke’s predicament. He tells Charmaine that it is they after all, that are invading Clarke’s home.

Throughout the torture and questioning, Clarke refuses to say a word until she overhears communication between Charmaine and the crew out looking for Madi, that they are closing in on her.

Clarke becomes worried that Madi will be killed and finally speaks. She warns Charmaine that her men are being led into a trap and that Madi is just a child. She tells her that she will tell them everything they want to know if they leave Madi alone. Charmaine is suspicious but tells her men to stand down and asks them to check for traps.

Upon hearing back that there were traps set, she recalls them to the base, letting Madi alone for the time being and begins to question Clarke. In a great scene, Charmaine asks Clarke about how the earth ended and Clarke responded with “Which time?”

Bellamy and crew make a disturbing discovery

Back at the mystery ship, Bellamy and crew enter and immediately set off alarms that Charmaine and company receive on the ground. Emori stays with their docked ship to perform systems checks while the rest of the gang search the ship for needed fuel and clues as to the ship’s origin. They find out that the ship is very old, is used for mining and has hundreds of cryo-frozen prisoners, one of which has been unfrozen from the ground crew who are worried about the triggered alarm.

The unfrozen prisoner finds and attacks Bellamy and Raven. After a brutal fight, Echo joins in and the three finally kill the prisoner. They also discover a captain’s log that has a final video entry of the ship being overtaken by the prisoners and the captain killed.

While aboard, they listen in on the communications of Charmaine and her crew on the ground and know that they are pursuing people, presumably from the bunker. Bellamy knows they need to get to the ground as soon as possible. They discuss what to do about the rest of the frozen prisoners and Murphy advocates for killing them, knowing that they will pose a grave threat down the road. Bellamy comes up with a better plan in his eyes, which is to rig the ship to kill the prisoners at their command.

This will give them bargaining leverage when they get to the ground. The only hitch to the plan is that someone with the needed technical expertise must stay on the ship to set the system to kill the prisoners if needed.

Raven flatly states that she is the only one that can do it. Bellamy initially refuses to let Raven remain in space by herself, but relents, only when Raven lies and tells Bellamy that there is an escape pod that can be used for two people to get to the ground if they need to. Murphy doesn’t like any of the ideas, or the fact that unproven Emori will be piloting their craft down to Earth, so he volunteers to stay with Raven, thinking that they have the escape pod anyway. After the crew takes off for Earth, Raven shocks a dejected Murphy with the news that she lied about the escape pod.

The reunion we’ve all been waiting for

Emori successfully gets the ship to the ground, but Bellamy and the gang are soon confronted with an armed party of the prisoners. Upon hearing that there are more people than Clarke said, Charmaine believes that Clarke is lying and begins to torture her again with a shock collar. Clarke, however, is surprised and confused by the news that there are others that have now been captured.

Bellamy and the gang are quickly rescued by Madi who looks knowingly at Bellamy and tells him that Clarke told her he would come.

Bellamy now realizes that Clarke is alive and asks Madi about those in the bunker. Madi tells him that they are still there but that there is no time to explain further. He has Madi drive him in the rover to the village to talk with Charmaine. As they approach, and Bellamy gets out of the vehicle, the headlights keep Clarke from seeing clearly who it is, but she knows that the man standing in silhouette is Bellamy.

Bellamy states that he is unarmed and just there to talk. He tells Charmaine that they have control over their frozen prisoners back up in the ship and brings a coffee mug from the original captain to prove what he says to be true.

In the episode’s closing moment, Charmaine tells Bellamy that in holding hundreds to get one person freed, Clarke must be pretty important to him. Bellamy replies, “She is.”

We now have another item checked off the list that fans have been waiting to see since Season 4 ended.